A1fromthe9 - Mad About Bars

Song Rating: 8.14/10

Song lyrics:

This Is To The Mothers You Be Stressing Bout The Kids

This Is To My Mother Fam She Raised Me From A Kid

I Remember Being Fresh

I Was Never Dressed The Best

Mummy Had To Work Hard

So We Could Pay The Rent

I Was All Getting Nicked

Mummy Crying To The Feds

Saying Boy You Need To Change

I Was Stressing In My Head

I Was Sitting In A Cell

Thinking How She Gonna Feel

Everyday She Grew Older

Everyday She Grew Fear

I learnt How to get paid

Feds Learnt Laided

The Same Gs You Show Love

Same Gs To Poor Blame

I Put My Mother Through Alot And I Apologise

No Woman Ever Saw Me Through My Mothers Eyes

Am From A Block From South You Get Victimized

And I Aint Tryna Be Looking Through No Victims Eyes

I Stick To Grind

Rather Get Pees Than Slide

Gs Have Died

The Blood In The Streets Dont Dry

Mums Have Cried

The Pain Stays Deep Inside

Are Squad Was The Reason Why

Are Mums Never Ever Get a Peace Of Mind

They Never Get A Peace Of Mind

Like The Feds Still Hating

X Still Hating

Mums On My Case Like Son You Gotta Make It

Am Always Up In Eddy See Me Flying Past The Station

Tryna Move It Mad Coz I Be Bussing All the Cases

Am Still Up In The North Side

Screaming f** The Pagions

Catch Me Up In North Nine Blowing On Jamaican

Always Moving Bookey

Finna Wanna Do Me

See Me Face to Face I Bet That f**er Never Screwed Me

I Stay Based Off With My White Girl Lucy

Skin Like Chocolate But She Say it Taste Fruity

Ringing On My Phone Tryna Get Me Back

But Shes Probaly gonna b**h when she hears this track

Like f** That Am Thinking How Am Gonna Get Rich

Yh I Got A Money Team Man These n***as Might Snitch

Like Real sh** Mummys Getting Old Out Here

So Why You See Late Nights when its Cold Out Here

But One Day Things Might Change

Till That Day

I Stay In That House With That Yay

I Cant Change Coz Its South

I Get Paid

I Pray One Day God Might Save Me

Take Me Out The Hood And I be Getting All These Paper

(I Tell My Mummy One Day)

Verse 2:

Me And My n***a Smoking On That Sticky

That f** n***a Said Hes On Me Come And Get Me

That Hoe Said She Go f** Me And My Whole Team

The Po-Lice Got Me Lowkey No I Aint Ghosting

I Call Up My n***a Young Ish Mr Poke Him

Fake n***as Talk That Real sh** On Some Joke Ting

s** Dick I Dont Want Sex Am Too High For That

Sneak Dissing On The Tweet Page n***as Die For That

Lot Of n***as Say There In The Field Were Them n***as At

Everybody Claim They Got Guns Were Them Triggers At

Your b**h Love A Real G So She f** With Me

f** You And Your Whole Squad If Your Opping Me

Like My Team Yh We Up Next Aint No Stopping We

Catch A Opp In Traffic If Hes Lacking Its A Tragedy

Apparently A lot Of Pagions Said There Mad At Me

Came To Your Block The Same Day and Nothing Happened G

Stop All Of The Tweet Talk Come And Get Some

See Me Alla Poky Yh You Best Run

Insane Na I Love Brain I Dont Like To f**

My Old G Say He Hate Me I Dont Give A f**

I Might Tell Your Girl To Come And Chill With Us

If She Chill With My Crew She f** All Of Us

Crazy Had A Loudey Got Me Lazy

Most Time I Be On The Block Getting Wavey

Same Time At My Ts Thats A Trackspot

Soon To Hit The Belly Man Watch Me Hit The Jackpot

Fat Bags For Them Nitties Make Them Rice Pots

I Mix Hella Soda With Them Rice Pots

Them Dumb Hoes Tryna Trap Me With A Baby

I Aint Having A f**ing Kid That b**h So Fagaysy

I Might Call My Dark Dernar Called Stacy

That b**h Is My Favourite Her Brains So Amazing

Young Tug On Some Real sh** Man I Do This

Big Dick Till The b**h Brain Leave Her Clueless

I Dont f** With Them Fruit Boys If There Salad

See A Opp Then I Let Young G Grab Him

Its A Dumb n***a Move Mad At Me

He Can Go Missing Like Madeline

All My n***as They They Hang With Me

For Once If They Be They Hang With Me

I Know A Lot Of n***as Dont Like My Team

But My 900 n***as Go Ride With Me

Am On 9 Blocks With A Big Boff

We Can Link Up IF You Hang With Me

And Everybody Jumped On The Savage Ting

And Everyone Wanna Talk That Savage sh**

If I See A Opp Coming On My Block

If You Hang With Me Than We Savage Him

And I Aint Never Snitching In the Station

So Why The f** These b**hes Writing Statements

We Dont Like Feds Cuh There Onto To Me

f**ing Pigs f**ing Pricks Want Me In Custody

We Dont Like Feds Cuh There Onto Me

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 02:35