Ab-Soul - House of Sin

Song Rating: 7.42/10

Song lyrics:

[Introduction: Ab-soul]

Take em to the house of sin *Joker laugh*
Patron bottles full of uh swisha sweet guts
This the back of the stratus...
Uh, this the back of the stratus...

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Back when Magic had the Solara
We was matchin back to back until tomorrow
Cause f** what happened yesterday
Seems like it was only yesterday
I was held hostage in a hotbox
Sweatin bullets
I turned and looked at Agent J
I said, When they gunna roll the windows down?
He hit me with a crooked smile
He said, When all of these done
We just put two up
And he was holdin three of them
Lil flip chopped and screwed, Joe Budden mood muzik, Wayne Dedication two, oooh!
This that... (PAKK MUZIK)
I might have to freak a black to it
Rakim rich doorag to it
Tell TP add a half to it
Had my AEF bring the jamba juice
Went Python yelled SHMOO[?]
You know what to do
Remy red for breakfast n***a
Barcardi gold, no necklace n***a
Top Notch to my f**in socks

And its still tatted on my hand Id knock you out
Shotgun with AJIZZA
When the Zee
Dolla shotta
Erkin Jerk
Two chakras
Swisha sweets
Know what I mean?
This that (Motherf**in PAKK MUZIK)
Painting masterpiece
Peep how I tip my hat to it
Most likely to become a star from Carson High
Thats amazing
Now they just hold the star from Carson, high
Howd I become a constellation
This that...
This that...
This that back of the stratus

[Verse 2: KING RICH]

True to my religion
Like a heritage

I swear ain that same

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