Accursed (AU) - Blessings unto Babylon

Song Rating: 7.12/10

Song lyrics:

Idol of Harloty
Brazen triumph of flesh
Conquering the bloodless
Obesience rendered at the
altar of sodom

And in the shadow of the
seven heads I stand before her
I render blessings unto Babylon
a horror cloaked in desires form
Blessings unto Babylon

Blessings to them
on their throne

to the throne ofthem we bow...

Hiding your face in your shame
repelled yet arosed by what
you`ve become

Abasing yourself before her
adrift in your sea of debaucherous
Idols all rendered absurd
yet reason remains,
the better to muck you
Contrition is renedered obsolete
rutting before her image
as flesh betrays all higher aspirations

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 19:31