Amil - S. Carter

Song Rating: 8.70/10

Song lyrics:

[Chorus: Jay-Z (Amil)] (x2)
Yall must try harder
Competition is

Ladies scream papa
n***as cant stop ya
Competition is)

Nope, nope, nope

[Verse 1: Jay-Z (Amil)]
No, no, no, nope
You cant see em
Though you got plans to be him
Pay homage if by chance you meet him
In his pants pocket, your advance and per diem
Its the undisputed champion
For clique, dough sick, no medicine for us
Competition like I said in the chorus
Let me spell it out for ya
Jay to tha Amil
(A to the Y stay real f** how they feel, uh-huh, uh-huh)
Thats how we put it down
(Uh-huh, uh-huh yall gon get it now)
Chip off the old block
Resemble my old pops
Cept I tote Glocks and open dope spots
And I shut down rap crews
Smack them cats who flash tools
Laugh at fake ballers with bad j**els
Ill tell you once
This is sh** you shouldve of knew
(Jigga what?)
(Jigga who?)


[Verse 2: Jay-Z (Amil)]
No, no, no
Imma Roc-a-fella soldier
I thought I told ya

Hustler, n***a move weight like Oprah
Drive wide body, twenty-inch big motor
No tints, make no mistake yall its Hova
I stay sportin played Jordans before Jordan
Verses tight, hooks harder than Ken Norton
Musically touching you
Truthfully I abuse beats better call DCW
I make my mother move
So I have no problem coming around the old way
Sluggin you, thats what a thug will do
(Thuggin, bust techs, a suspect dangerous, and I love rough s**)
Yeah thats whats up
Even when Im asleep the gats is up
Paranoid like Sunny drive backing up
But Im from Bed-Stuy, k**a with the flow
Let lead fly from out the four-four, motherf**ers


[Bridge: Jay-Z]
Competition is none
I remain at the top like the sun
And I burn whoever come in my chambers of torture
The flame gon spark ya
Blood stain the tarp
What remains, they chalk ya
Dont try to smooth talk us

[Verse 3: Amil (Jay-Z)]
You got nothing to offer
But the baby nine
And make ya fine offer
The chick is ill
Even with four-inch heels
No panties on and Patricia Fields
I get down
Just name the time, the place
We could take it back to Vaseline on our face
On a regular day we just gleam up your space
Rock our own line, got our whole team laced
RW with the torch on my jeans by the waist
Without heat we still gon steam up the place
(Amil-lion, Jigga man, flawless, here we go)


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