AndreOnBeat - 772 Cypher 2014

Song Rating: 9.41/10

Song lyrics:

Im not typing everyones lyrics but mine are below. Im the last one in the cypher, we all got 12 bars. You can watch the music video for it below:

[Verse 6: CHARTT]

I call her b**h, you call her baby
Life can be so crazy
Cause the same people that hate me are the same people that made me
I used to let it phase me but lately I been too lazy

My ambitions bout to checkmate the people that tried to play me
And honestly, a lack of honesty why you not on with me
I confidently saw myself a star, call that astronomy
Constantly feel different but keep the feelings distant
Cause people act ignant when they figure out your pigment
Bang, Bang!
When plans get a little bit hectic
You need to put things into perspective
And if the world cant accept it then f** em, unprotected
Its martin county and chartt
So its R.I.P Kristen, Nick, Kelli, D-Starks

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