Audience - Trombone Gulch

Song Rating: 8.24/10

Song lyrics:


Needing sleep and hot and dirty on I drove through Alberquerque
I had one eye on the mirror for the law
When I pulled in for some gasoline, six house from El Paso
Seemed New Mexico went on for evermore

I was talkin to the pump man, and you should have seen him jump, man
When I told him I was heading for the Heights
He said, Wait on til tomorrow cos a few miles from Socorro
Is a place youll never leave by light of night

Theres only buzzards and lizards and ornerary critturs
Youve run out of luck if you get stuck in Trombone Gulch

Well I laughed and left him standing, put a big tip in his hand
And drove on out ignoring all his shouts of thanks

But a few miles from Socorro I discovered to my horror
That his shouts had meant he hadnt filled the tank

I knew I wasnt beaten yet, I stumbled from the sedan
Cursing everyone from Satan up to God
And I pushed it to ledge and pushed it out across the edge
And knew the law would never see it from the road

And the dust came like a blizzard, I got bitten by a lizard
And I fell down into canyons all the time
But I kept the road beside me, cos I had to have it guide me
All the way to safety and the borderline

When the sun came up from sleepin and the morning came in creeping
I could see a signpost just on up ahead
It said Welcome to Socorro! Did you like to ride our trombone?
It goes right around the valley on a bend!

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