Bill Morrissey - Oil Money

Song Rating: 8.68/10

Song lyrics:

Im sitting in a bar on Morgan City
In the state of Louisian
Just been made a captain of a cargo boat
I worked my way up from deckhand

They take me for a native here
Ive heard my speech turn soft and slow
But its just been five years since I came down from New Hampshire
To earn my living on the Gulf of Mexico

Oil money can lure a man away from home
And I was one of many, boys, to set off on my own
Oil money, a million jobs in the oil trade
A million dollars waiting to be made

Ive got friends here who just came down from the pipeline
I know college boys who work as roustabouts
Well the hours are long but they say you cant beat the pay
And thats what its all about

So tonight youll find me drinking
Ill celebrate my promotion then go home
Ive got a pocket full of change I dont know what to do with
Ive got one eye on the bottle and one eye on the payphone

Hello operator, information for New Hampshire
No town special, anyone will do
Theres nobody back there left for me to talk with
I just want to hear the operator talk the way I used to

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 09:13