BT (410) - 4s or Crash

Song Rating: 7.57/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: BT]

Yeah Im still with the 4s
But I hang with the crashers
Opps got them boy chatting about chat
Cause them boy love chat up
If I back that smoke
Oi, whats that, hands up
That po couldnt fit in my clothes
f** mazza
Extendo clipping it bro
Got your whole face shattered
Dash with the silly get ghost
Oi, bang, rapper
Get choked no hands so the sh** dont matter
No face, no case cause the sh** dont matter
Hit a boy down, mhm oi, maddup, maddup
When they come spinning back round
Mhm, hammers, hammers
Man I keep that hammer on lock
Theyre badders
Ritz dont sound like dada
Dot same size as a ladder

[Verse 2: AM]

She was in the room with her friend
But I just want noddy
Lost some bells in the ride
So I might call dotty

Bought 5 bells in the shoot
Shouldve got that shotty
And, I was in the paigon block
How they move like wally
Like, no chat
I dont wanna hear no words
Thought I had beef with men
But I got beef with skirts
Yeah I got beef with nerds
And man did lurk
And tear mans shirt
They aint on dirt

[Verse 3: Rendo]

Opps them sh**
Man got praised in my chest
Can you really run from a n***a that i run from
Copped new joints, bro just copped new joints
Live po like where you get the gun from
Old school friend
Man a shoot an old school friend
Cause its nuts
Got me feeling like a love song
Opps gone dead
Opps gone die
Cause its nuts when you see me with the gloves on
Bro copped joints had him [?]
Old school days we was sending man shops
Now we laugh at the yutes cause they think theyre opps
Kicked off doors now we tell a man what

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