Chief Keef - Chicago Zoo

Song Rating: 9.62/10

Song lyrics:

I got apes in my crib like the Chicago Zoo
Yall sneak a shot in, do what yall gone do
Cause once we hear some shots we blow an Uzi with the 2s
Fat a** .223 chopper, his kufi was shooting
Was in my backyard, a long beach just like Snoop
I cant count all this money, 3-2-3, 2-3-2
I was selling snails while you n***as was in school
Say hello to my little friend, he gone reply what it do
I got lions, tigers, bears, jaguars, panthers, sheeps, and goose
Hyenas and monkeys, monkey nuts up on my tool
I got giraffes and elephants, you know whats in my room
I got camels and baboons, they gone get the tool
I got 30 shots in my trap like Im on the block
My trap on their heels, Jack and Jill get knocked
Down to the ground, n***as stumblin a lot
Got my chopper in the jungle, they be rumblin a lot
When you play my sh** they start a riot
Start a fight, we start a fire
Nina dont remember clowney, hop in my Audi, Im outie
Spendin money like a Saudi
In the Valley out in Cali
No LA fitness, make you lose weight, b**h Bali
On my dick, she lick it, she remind me of a mistress
On my dick stay gettin it, you will think I k**ed it
Call me Weezy baby, car aint got no ceilings
The AR-15 start dancin cause yall got no bang
Im coolin in the water with the stingrays and sharks
You think you are tequila these the shots on the rocks
Rollin in that Nascar, pull up, hit the pitstop
Bad b**h head high, now Im gettin neck top
Run up in your party b**h, we rockin it
Police cant come through the door, cause Im lockin it
Unless they got a warrant, they just talkin sh**

Fed house still doors why yall talk this sh**?
You tryna catch a n***a slippin
Crusin in a rental
Make your b**h forget her business
Like amnesia was the issue
b**h dont look at me when you sneeze
Cause I probably aint got the tissue
n***a lookin at me like its sweet
Like I aint got the pistol
I do this b**h like the swat, n***a clear the spot
You dont hear the shots, you need a cotton swab
When the doctor bring your b**ha** back
We come through pop his a**
Start runnin from the cops
Crossover, rocked his a**
Im coolin in the 60s up in Slaughson
And a broker in New York cause Im a baller
This ho gave me her number like Im gone call her
She was standin up high but now shes fallin
I see you lookin with your lookin a** n***a
You cant act like you aint hate, you mad n***a
Youse a Ratatouille, youse a rat n***a
I get blue cheese, Im a black n***a
I hit sacks and f**ed up a sack
Came out lookin cool
When I say okay Kool-Aid it really mean okay cool
I know you smell me
Im bringing like, Im ridin round with food
Its that loud pack, where the dog at? I got Snoop
You can see the aftermath man, not done bustin tools
n***a, youse a bunny rabbit, Slim Shady, what it do?
My money superstitious see it comin out the room
While they hate justify belief in supernatural coupes

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 05:57