Chino Xl - Anything

Song Rating: 7.18/10

Song lyrics:

Long, long, long look away
Long, long, long look away
I dont owe you anything
I dont owe you anything
Long, long, long look away
Long, long, long look away
I dont owe you anything
I dont owe you anything

[Verse 1]
Locked in a hospital, a dead nurse with big tits and slit wrists
Tried to administer me pills but I resist
Im dangerous as crocodiles out of tanks
You dont need my DNA strands to recognize my k**er traits
I lost my mind, Im haunted by the words that Ive invented
To the point, theyre feeding me gla**es of Nyquil with my dinner
I a**ociate the infliction of pain with pleasure
Frequently insult my neighbors wearing blood stained leathers
People that never visit insist that I owe them sh**
Im repeatedly taking Rohypnol and praying I dont exist
Damn near wanna throw a party off exhilaration
That I get from squeezing the life out of a human body shaking
Im a happening waiting to accident, blessed sacriment
Festering blasphemist, transient arrogant acrobat
Riding camelbacks under circus tents, nervous off Percocets
Possessed laughs till Im at Bernie Macs funeral services


[Verse 2]
Youve got mental problems, Im sure
Its just that mine is greater
At least you have honor to live in the time I put ink to paper
Over 10, 000 hours of labor, limitless

An undeniable perfectionist that plagues the souls of lyricists
Hand me a scalpel Ill scribble scribes on your face
I make people run, thats why they call it the human race
XL campaign, dont owe you a damn thang
Tear a turtles head off, drink blood out of shells like canteens
I cant scream, I got the metal machines ready
Forever holding my piece like Im not objecting at a wedding
Was manufactured in Heaven to be a horid tourist
Placed specifically on Earth, quantuum leaps over other artists
Dirty my name, the seeds of discontent were planted
Thats grounds for murder, Im stoned, you took me for granted
Damn it, you think I owe you something, get it in blood
Rick James last words, Chinos verse is a hell of a drug


[Verse 3]
(Get me out of here)
I just needed some time to get my mind right
Then its back to these b**hes yelling Go Daddy like the website
Run away dont cross me
You wont be able to walk through your house without tripping over some dead offspring
Im getting stressed by the government
Dont even write my name down unless it has Paid To The Order in front of it
Budgeted, trying to feed your family is real
Gas prices looking bigger than the numbers on Adeles bathroom scale
My sk**s internal and running wild
I could eat a Rubix Cube and sh** it out completely solved
I vowed my foundation is built with brick and mortar
Destroying peers like a tsunami tearing through a harbor
Consistantly ill, but still industry overlook me
Officially, something is fisher than mermaid p**y
I hate you with a perfect hate and nothing less
Last seven words:
The best ever from the best yet


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 07:59