Crxcxdile - Blow Yo Mind

Song Rating: 8.48/10

Song lyrics:

First of all, I was stuck in a rut
Climbin out just to be greeted like Im number one
King of the Tut, not givin a f**, Im rollin a blunt
And k**in these n***as Im ready and willing
It dont even matter my n***a wa**up...
One of the meanest, Crxcxdile he one of the cleanest
Your b**h she fiendin, touchin herself to me she dreamin
These n***as schemin, bow to me, yo honor, redeem it
You work for me b**h, droid a** n***a Im general grevius

Yes its me Crxcxdile, Im the one and only
Gold House army call me George Patton or Joseph Kony
Yo b**h is phoney, said she down to blow n f** the homies
Said she thinks its her time of the month... well she must not know me...
Shhh, Im all that, Im all that
k** your family and friends, and all that
Im crazy as f** boy, so fall back
If you tryna scratch up on the surface wherere your claws at?

Round 2 whatll it do, b**h Im blazin the booth
90s n***a and Im spittin liek Im missin a tooth
Rip the roof with the ba**, Im basically amazing
Im darin n***as to step up... and keep on hatin
Takin mula off these beats Im makin
Foreign brain from these broads Im daitin
Yall n***as circulatin
Either wway Im runnin laps round you actors
Schedulin tour dates and practice, Proper at this
Judge Mathis crack this
b**h I got codes like Davinci
1000 years for you to hack this
Needin Hawkins for the a**ist
Hieroglyphic like Anubis
Needin mummies when I rap this
b**h Im all that, Im all that
n***a fall back fall back
b**h Im all that, Im all that
If you tryna scratch up on the surface wherere your claws at?

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 21:58