Daz Dillinger - Dont Be Foolish

Song Rating: 9.35/10

Song lyrics:

[Snoop Dogg]
Yo dogg, n***as always asking me
Is the muthaf**in DPGC still together?
n***as gon ask me
Dogg yall still together, I heard yall broke up like the fat boys.
n***a what, n***a this Dogg Pound for life n***a
We aint going nowhere n***a
And matter of fact, you actin foolish right now with all that sh** you kick
n***a everywhere I go n***as be actin foolish
And uh, Im a deal with that sh** DPG style

Im a rider, the first local stock pilot
Now what the f** made you think the DP divided
Moving on up to the top of the map
Because gangsta will be here till the curl comeback
Im moving down to block D, me and my homies
The Dogg Pound would rock overseas, immense degrees
No b**h n***as in the circle
Beat a n***a in his face till his f**in eyes turn purple

[Daz Dillinger]
I told myself watch out for my family and health
I got my sh** together, got the gauge up shelf
Knowing the rules have chose to hang out with the dummies and fools
Old school Poda Dada that I knew from way back to school
Attitude sh**ty, kept it raw and gritty
Uncut, me and my dawgs f**in it up
What up

[Snoop Dogg]
f**in it up, f**in it up for life n***a, Dogg Pound, ya heard
If I hear another n***a talking about what he gon do, to who
To me and my crew, n***a the grey and the blue
You through, you knew you shouldnt have done that
Now how the f** you figure that we wasnt gon comeback
The D, the P, the G to C
Westcoasts finest and Im a put that on me
See n***as been rappin but they aint sayin sh**
n***a shut the f** up, get off my dick

Dont be foolish x2

You see you dont wanna f** with us

Knowing how we throw it out, the s**a n***as want to imitate us
Cause all we wanna do is put the G right back in you
Yeah worry about your muthaf**in punk a** crew
And we keeps it gangsta fool, thats gangsta, keep it gangsta fool

[Snoop Dogg]
Trip, we got more dough than rock up, more n***as to lock up
You n***as need to strap up or pack up
See because this world we live in is crazy, and the people they so sick
See why I keeps it gangsta and I ride with the sickest clique
And when it comes to gun play, hell yeah we the quickest biach

[Daz Dillinger]
And oh my momma and my daddy, grandpapa and my granny
Homeboy you cant f** with this

Smooth when we come through
The DP when we come through the gangstas is in the house
And all you muthaf**in n***as and you muthaf**in b**hes
Get a muthaf**in dick in your mouth
Im a gangsta I thought you knew, Gd up, grey and blue
Dippin through on the coop, made you blue
Kurupt and Snoop, Daz in the muthaf**in bomb a** clique
We gangstas n***a, laid back thinkin I tell you how it is in the hood
Where all my homies at, straps in Cadillacs
Hittin switches like eyday, livin like the G way like eyday, DPG-C


[Snoop Dogg]
Chorus x4

Just bullsh**tin man this dude done told me the Dogg Pound broke up
Wait till I catch that n***a, Im a beat him down
Wait till I, wait till I catch em
Dogg Pound aint gon never break up cause thats favorite group
They gon keep on commin out with albums
Wait till I catch this n***a, he lied to me
This did done tell me some stupid bullsh**
Wait till I catch that muthaf**er
Man dont be foolish and believe that sh**
sh** man, dont be foolish
Dont be foolish, n***a

[Snoop Dogg]
Dont be foolish n***a, dont be foolish n***a

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