D.Drizz - Nosetalgia

Song Rating: 7.39/10

Song lyrics:

D.Drizz on this
Nosetalgia gon do like 53 bars on this track tho you know
Shout out to Bridget ma biggest fan tho

[Rap Bars]
Neggas hating on me for nothing
I know is cos i rap sick infecting them phycological
They be yelling that f** D.Drizz still aint got no dick tho
Forever im soo trill f** with me and you get k**ed one more time and imma pounch
You with my lines and you gon stay dead
f** your flows they soo pitiful like a pit yall being spitting
Yall be tripping soo bad
I try to rap and rhyme ma raps upgrade uh
f** you in the gym but your flows aint got no f**ing weight tho
Whiles yall muthaf**as talking bout whos Team is dopest
RVSOP we sitting back like you know where we from uh
We k**ing fake a** rappers
I talk greasy and stupid making yall fake a** b**hes
D.Drizz am soo Dope ma flows got a hook tho fishing all you fake a** rappers outta this
Hip hop rap game tho
Im not kidding yo
I aint gonna lie
D.Drizz am not an haire to a billion buh imma billionaire
Aiming higher than the Apex stripping aint no gimmicks aint playing with yall fake a**
Rappers cos yall lame to me yh
I f** all ya b**hes crazy
You f**ing them when im done
f** yall to ma Ex b**hes back in the days
These neggas in the game aint rapping
They talk about things they dont f**ing even have
How come you wanna flow tight like a virgin on her menses
Like i stole ya brain negga you have f**ing lost ya senses yh
Ma dream like mirrors reflecting all ma inner feelings about the world and fake
Friends in it i swear to God they f** me up

I was taking back i swear to God these fake neggas be tripping
Hitting ma pinnacles looking at these neggas yall life is f**ed up for real
Shout out to all ma realist neggas listerning
I know you feel me buh i stick ma poucher
Round this rap sh** in ma veins put ma heart in it to slumber aiker
And ma bars arte dope for you to sniff em coke as always
Ma neqqas dont stack Dough, they stack in bricks and snitching on ma clique would
Probably get somebody k**ed
I know some muthaf**ers talking they better than D.Drizz
Buh i leave all em neggas bleeding like i put ma fingers in their heart and plug it
Out soo stupid and im drinking on thier blood like a vampire whos thirsty listern
Im on ma worst behavior tho i said it
Its funny how you strive soo hard and get all nothing later
Always with ma negga on the block
Im sniffing coke with SBling RVSOP in ma mind tho
ASAP Pro always got ma back
The Slick Thugs we on this tho you f** with us you dead dawg
After 9 am in Dallas dissing Kendrick yo
I know that faggot sitting on his couch thinking bout what to do
But im not trynna say im best
Im only speaking all these fact and not to try and hurt sh** up
I know i spit soo hot and flow dirty than volcanic eruption
Crazy like im burning neggas with ma flows thy turn to ash
Like Kush i smoke all em dope puff
Every line i spit is Dope ish on the block and im speaking Dope ish
So dont you f** with me cos i park on ya block
You hearing verses from a pope with no bible yes im dope
Your rap wacks all day cos you lame
I flow current dismantling ya eye socket
So dont you f** with me cos i disconnect ya brain and you illing
Men this beat is soo dope oh God what a feeling
Every rapper gon think i clown them
But i dont give a f** about what you think
This sh** is mine forever

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 23:18