Dialect - C.R.E.A.M.

Song Rating: 7.68/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Eyez]
Its all eyes on Eyez
When I roll in the club
Money up front so I dont get bumped
Anyone violate, holding tumps
I box without the golden trunks
When Im on stage, shutdown mode
Hate when police try shut down shows
I get clothes and shut down shoes
Now Im on stage two times a week
Sleeping pattern is peak, manaman cant sleep
But its not that deep
When I walk in the rave girls stop and peep
Heads turn yeah they stare and watch
Back stage I was there with hutch
You was with your dons
You were sharing shots
Sharing bottles and sharing cups

[Verse 2: Mez]
Sharing cups on the side like winger
When I say winger
Dont mean Wenger
Gal wanna chat like rat like Splinter
Dont get busy just up middle finger
Seen your gal on the road
Said she have a man
But she wanna chat on insta?
Dem ting me nah inta
She can be my gal if she make good tuna
I got a ting thats super
[?] guy thats a rumor
Did you hear when I said Lex Luthor
Grime scene covered in Puma
Bare my dawg in designer
Musta not had no juice on a rider
Man wanna spend show money on cider
Thats a dead end like living on Riber
Whip then flex like Im AJT
When Im in the rave with Danny and Kaiser
Danny aint got ID its a minor
How a bouncer gonna chat to performer
I was in studio, getting Moschino
And when we call that, its off saliva
Gal wanna jump on, ride like a biker
Skeet skeet and get away in a Uber

[Verse 3: Dialect]
They dont wanna war with D

I dont conform, talk is cheap
n***as wanna see me fall its peak
But I still gotta blow like an autumn breeze
See when I caught up in all this beef
I might call up up a tour with D
Man rep for the scene fam
From way back [?]
Still Im on the ends with the Leeds man
Next to blow, thats potentially me fam
I remember I fled from the meat vans
Getting sent to the pen, wasnt me fam
Now Im grown up
I want dough bruv
I wont show no love Im a known cunt
Ive been around these years like a homerun
No brothers know kung-fu when I show guns
Man I step in the ring like Golddust
Dun know Im letting off rounds like go bust
Now Im here for the war like locusts
Dia went from a king to a loner
Dont give a f** Ill do it on my own blud
You dont have to be drinkin tho
Youll still get your head licked off
What you saw blud?

[Verse 4: Kamakaze]
Man know that Im big like Biz
And I make stacks like [?]
See in this game I got the key like Wiz
Man already know me, Im Kamakaze
Got a black ski mask and I dont ski
Trust me you dont wanna see me get Mardy
When I come through man [?]
Im not the guy that you want at your party
And I wont stick to that flow there
Flows Im picky like Jangos hair
Im with the youngers KP, Jafro there
Man can cost me, man dont care
Man wanna talk about best in the city
Im sayin my teams best in the country
Man dont wanna act blessed its a pity
You can ask Eyez he knows man are hungry
From LC you can tell by my Dialect
Flow too Snowy leave man in a Mez
Emerge from the Mist, look man in my Eyez
Man I fire like cannons dont trap like Dread
Grime scene C.E.O. bring heat like R.I.O
Man write dots but man cant send
Im a hooligan just like Jaykae
LC man I rep for the ends

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 01:28