Dirtbag Dan - DNA vs Dirtbag Dan

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Song lyrics:

[Round 1: DNA]
Said now, before I get into any battling with you, theres a couple things that Id like to say
First off I want to apologize to The King Of The Dot staff and my homie Ki cause this a battle that I delayed
But for the fans watching on PayPerView and in the crowd, oh yall gon be hype today
Cause all the impersonations in the world cant stop me from barring your life away
He aint handling these bars, my wordplay landing and its hard
My punchlines Illmaculate, Im damaging the card
If this is your biggest step and now they think this man is on his job
Well you welcome, cause now reality shows Dans in (Dancing) With The Stars
And its gon get ugly Dirtbag cause you aint half the man
Cant do what I did in half the span
You only get booked for two gigs and you call that a plan?
Never had a chance, with these words, Im mad advanced
So the only way Ill cater (Al-Qaeda) to you is the Taliban
His punches have to land but you be spitting rapid, damn
Take your time cause we wont Rush Hours (ours); Jackie Chan
If this gat in hand? He better Dodge; caravan
If the matic jam? Then you getting boxed, Zatarain
This bout to be a body, lets see if your package stand
When I crack your fam
Im well dressed and well groomed, but I aint come to Dapper Dan
Ill smack this man, go to his right and start clapping cans
But if he survive then Ima switch sides like battle fans
I got two deadly cans, let two weapons blam
Im a loose cannon with a loose cannon with this new Tec in hand
Running his wallets and Im strapped in two mini vans
The metal? Is for his legs if your pockets got any loot in it (Lieutenant) Dan
Ah that bar was sick, its hard as sh** but Ill be your Lt. Dan
Cause I stay with some retarded sh** and Im armed with this
Hes frightened and scared
Its enticing but Im Tyson, bow, theres a right to his ear
If what Im striking is lightening, youll be dying this year
Anybody that said Dans rough (dandruff) they got lice in their hair
I got that .380 again, I aint saving his friends
So when you get this Illmac you wont like this chain of events
Im an animal n***a, they say this kids the truth
Cmon and bring the Charlie Clips jokes and my missing tooth
How a bunch of lines dont make sense and that sh** was true
But n***a I was sick in Holyoak, but tonight they gon be sick of you

[Round 1: Dirtbag Dan]
Its Mr. If It Aint On The URL It Doesnt Count
Now thats some sh** youre gonna have to speak to
These days most of your battles are a** so King Of The Dot dont need you
But you take money from people and then no show, thats deceitful
So no wonder your trademark is a missing tooth, youre always biting the hand that feeds you
I think you battled everyone now Eric, when its over what are you supposed to do
I may be the underdog today but I understand the whole overview
Youre the poster boy for over saturation, the casual fans are over you
You over booked yourself, youre overrated, even this a** whooping is overdue
You have never been tight with the pen DNA
They want a mediocre battle now they send DNA
So if I molly whop Eric and end DNA itll make everybody happy like MDMA
Hold on, hold on, I can see your future, Im a psychic
Youll always be somebodys sidekick
And your bars will always come off light if Shine is who you write with
Who else is gonna let you dress him up like a mime and think its some tight sh**
The whole time Daylyt is going out of his f**ing mind thinking, Thats my sh**.
At that moment, whatever respect I had for the two of you slipped away
But a mimes perfect I guess cause yall are both overly animated actors who never have sh** to say
In six months, yall went from making 2 on 2s hot again to Goddamn it, DNA & K-Shine in a 2 on 2, not again!
Now-a-days you just follow him, a year ago you were baby Clips
sh** I bet the two of you used to kiss like you Lil Wayne and Baby Clips, you make me sick
Trying to be just like them cause nobody wants to be like you
K-Shines in the gym all the time now he trying to get his body right too
But back when Charlie was giving himself Diabetes, you were the Type Two/too
Hold on, if Eric dont get it, give Eric a minute
Cause Eric a airhead like Erica Mena
He thinks its all Love & Hip Hop like Erica Mena
But you a washed up b**h clinging to a short rapper to stay relevant like Erica Mena
DNA fans thinking, Hes white so of course hes gonna lose to Eric, right?
b**h you gon lose the fight for life like the white blood cells in Eric Wright
How come when Chess and Shine were pushing on each other, your p**y a** look terrified
Its not like theyre heavyweights Eric, thats a pretty tiny pair of guys
As a kid, he was the embarra**ed type
That grew up without both parents type, he always acting like a f**ing b**h
So you can guess which one of his parents died
Verified, you went from poppa Charlie to uncle K-Shine
Let me clarify, you find a father figure Eric, then you feed off him like a parasite
You think your f**ing dead a** daddy is happy looking down?
Or ashamed at this a** whooping and you acting like a clown?
I didnt understand your name before but I finally got it now
DNA is a acronym, stands for Daddys Not Around

[Round 2: DNA]
Of course, we in San Jose so when he spit yall gon like his rhymes
That sh** got me bugged off, dont make me have to light the nine
Cause you the type of n***a thatll get me bugged, youll never let the fire fly
Keep talking bout your rhymes, but you act like you ill when you popping the nine
But youll be like my dad, when you shoot, all your pops in disguise (da skies)
Now, what you gon say?
When I was supposed to battle and 40 B.A.R.R.S., I backed out?
Cool, he gon say I copped out figures, but Big T and Shine jumped you
They both showed you what our block bout wigger
You got caught with that boo boo with me, that tool with me
They left them shots off quicker
You got hit by T, K, Oh, that was a knockout n***a
And now Im here to finish the job and make sure every verse hard
Out of all these west coast rappers, you are one of the worst stars
That second round vers Rone, I know it hurt yall
Cause Im starting to think me not making sense, is better than them bird bars
n***a I got three million views by telling Dizaster something, something
I guess that was heavy
I got a millions for telling Eur Im known nationwide I guess that was heavy
I snipe the .38 long range vers Ill Will and k**ed him cause he wasnt half as ready
Ah Dan, by the looks of things, you should start to clap machetes
Ill load the sporter, cause you talking bout a cockatoo, is an obstacle
You getting a million views might never be possible
B-b-b-birdman is Chris Anderson, I heard he rocks with you
Well if thats the case, you should be used to having more Hawks on top of you
B-b-b-bird bars and I dont even want to speak to peasant
Roles will be reversed, well see Real Deal trying to be a reverend
Sage trying to teach a lesson, Hollow stop sipping lean a second
Before Danny Glover have a Lethal Weapon
This is Back To The Basics, you basic, I came to k** you and leave everything in the Bay sick
Rap City, Big Tigger, started off in The Basement
Now Im here, my spot permanent like Verb and his wave kit
You want your spot back, I got that
Its all eyes on me, you cant stop that
My Ambitionz Az A writer get higher soon as I cock back
Danny Boy, I dont gotta be Mad At Cha to send you where Pac at
I aint come to play
You bit off of QP, you thought I didnt think that?
I mean thats absurd, the whole wood pecker, parrot, owls
He said that in The Jungle when he battled Bird
Thats why I hate yall, I hate frauds
You went behind the scenes and now try to take charge
Sold a 16 from your Westside Connection and tried to save bars
So for that, you should get this hook and be dead; Nate Dogg
R.I.P. though
Im on the worst side, dont make me squirt nines
Yall may think he won the first round but I swear it will be Reverse Live
I squirt nines, came to k** him, but f** all that Birdman ish
f** ya squad, f** you and that Birdman clique
Charlie already k**ed you with that Birdman sh**
So do me a favor, after this get off of me and the Birdmans dick

[Round 2: Dirtbag Dan]
You f** up, fear the beard
You shouldve done like MASSacre and sent your team
I dont care how safe the venue seem
Ima make sure you leave this b**h looking like Balrog on the continue screen
Final 9...8...7...
b**h you better pick up the sticks and hit the continue button before I get to six, I flip the script

Your mothers a crippled b**h, she doesnt do sh** but sit
And one of her eyes is bigger than the other one by a little bit
Youre illiterate, you do talk to text when you drop down lines about popping Tecs
And you hop on the dick of whos popping next
Cause you havent found youre real poppa yet
p**y boy, you are not a threat
I dont owe you sh**, you are not a friend
Hes got specials cracking on feature verses but none of those specials ever end
All of your features are special, just like all of your teachers were Special Ed
Lets pretend for a split second youre about the sh** that your clique repping
You, got that nine milli, K-Shine got the Smith & Wesson
You, whipping the Pyrex while you roll up a zip
Then you pop in the clip and you switch weapons
Stop it, you are not a G
If yall got popped in a robbery you will probably go and cop the plea
You do fake gun choreography
Why the f** do you battle so much?!
You got a gambling problem and homies broke
If Nikiyas dumb a** didnt pay you in advance you wouldve definitely showed up in Holyoak
He doesnt got sh** for real life sk**s, but in a battle homie go for broke
Hes like one of those autistic kids that learned to play Mozart note for note
Know what Im talking about?
Imagine, DNA at a job interview
What the f** do you put on the resume?
I never used a fax machine before but I can show you how to make the machete spray.
Well okay, ah...are you-do you know how to make a spreadsheet using Microsoft Word or Excel?
Word. Yo girl, said you micro soft and when I spread sheets Im excel.
I dont think youre understanding the questions. Thats not what I asked you. Are you familiar with Powerpoint?
Ill power point this nine at you.
Im sorry. I think were just gonna have to go in a different direction.
Nah, that the f** outta here. Get them Post Its, them staplers, and them thumbtacks the f** outta here
Get them e-mails, them spreadsheets, and the fax the f** outta here
Aw, I dont wanna get a real job. I shouldve have told Smack to get the f** outta here.
f** an impersonation, this is in person hatred
Your moms a cripple b**h in a wheelchair strolling
So her favorite 2Pac song is Picture Me Rollin

[Round 3: DNA]
He right, I got a gambling problem, thats a fact
You bout to see me black jack when I grab the gat
You aint get a chance to roulette, n***a will get half of that
Cause he know if you snitched dont bring back a rack (bacharach)
Now lets go through these bars, thats casino sh** but
Lush gets the round where I start hurting ya soldier
Your personal doja
Bout to wind up in a hearse or a coma
Gave you the Blueprint to help ya verses be colder
Think Jay-Z cause Im bout to brush Dirt Of My Shoulders
And yall may react as he Fade To Black
Im k**ing this n***a now-what?
And they may react as you Fade To Black
Anderson Silva, got in this ring and couldnt wait to snap
Yall should see how I could set this up when yall watch the tape and play it back
Cause all you gon see is me give a n***a from The Bay the max (Betamax)
I aint playing that cause I dont care what this lame n***a be thinking, he got a gat
Who cares about the gauge n***as be bringing but hes a rat
Telling bout the cane n***as be slinging, see you a rapper
But a lot of Zay (Lotta Zay) n***as be singing and you an actor
And now we see you lost it fam
Kevin Durant going for a dunk, we all knew your four would (forward) jam
I promote the big nose like a Caustic fan
He blow, Marino, and Ima let it off in (Dolphin) Dan
Marino/Dolphin/Dan, my minds sick, that was some wild sh**
Mentioned Chess in that altercation thats childish
I couldve knuckled up in the ring and gave this child dis
Thats a minor in a minor situation, dont be childish
But Organik, I got a question for you bro
Im really starting to think you dont think my verse is insane
What you thought I really wasnt sick in Holyoak?
Like that was purposely staged?
I should sue him for defamation of character, the nerve of this lame
Cause the moment I seen the flier I knew yall threw Dirt on my name
The state been looking, for you to face this whooping
After, give it a rest, you should be placed in bookings
Pa**, E-40, Mistah Fab, they be cooking
And you should stop cause they care (daycare) how the Bay be (baby) looking
And you f**ing it up cause you seem gay, f** what this fiend say
Since he got the long beard I should k** him the free way/Freeway
But Dan kinda soft, hell never let three spray
The gun rose and (Roseanne) had him cutting like DJ
But I dont gotta wild out, cause for this, it wasnt a reason to diss you
But now I stay with the Tec, my whole team is official (Official)
Wild N Out with the Cannon like Conceited was with you
The only way theyll say D beat (B) D is if you read his initials
I came to k** you n***a, its round three its getting hot in here
San Jose whats my slogan?
Hell no
Get all your friends the f** outta here
Get everybody that impersonates and say I dont make sense the f** outta here
Get Dirtbag and this queer the f** outta here
Get them b-b-b-b-bird bars and that beard the f** outta here

[Round 3: Dirtbag Dan]
This motherf**er told 40 B.A.R.R.S. and Bonnie Godiva, Dont s** my dick, just get the f** outta here. Aaaah.
I never seen somebody look so frightened telling a couple women Dont s** my dick before
Then I thought about it, has anybody ever seen DNA with a chick before?
Anybody? Not me, not one time
Not one woman, not at one event, not once
I know your dad didnt get a chance to tell you Eric but getting your dick s**ed is something youre supposed to want
This is the guy who sets up punchlines like, We were in s**. It was glad proper.
Thats the type of sh** you say when you when you dont connect with your dad proper
You have s**, youre not in s**
When we say birds and bees we dont mean insects
The whole concept has DNA f**ed up like incest
I cant blame the homies either
Hooking this guy up would be hard to do
I mean first off, you gotta find a b**h thats down to f** a retarded dude
And then, even if you do its still gon be some hard work
I heard K-Shine asked if you were into tits or a**
He said he needed to hear her bars first
Im just saying, pretty f**ing weird, none of us has seen you with a chick before
Aside from being in a battle or standing next to Clips I aint seen you close to a pair of tits before
Just like you saying your mom is crippled and in a wheelchair, what the f** I seen this chick limp for?
Then, she started f**ing sprinting the minute she seen a liquor store
Run up in that b**h with a handful of change talking bout what the scratch is hitting for
Threw 95 cents on the counter, cashier said she a nickle short
Charlie Clips has cholesterol problems you used to get him his Lipitor
He ate dinner on the kitchen table and you ate dinner on the kitchen floor
Whooh! This scheme is hitting, what the f** I need to switch it for?
I aint even said, b**h youre poor, civil war or ninja sword
Even if he get a whore, the minute that he finna score
Ill grab the b**h, throw her in the figure four, tell Avacado to hit record
Were filming a f**ing murder here
And even though the home town bias, Im make sure that the verdict clear
This is the Zay baby! Aaaah! This a motherf**ing bird in here
So I dont wanna hear a word about a f**ing bird in here
Caw caw, yeah, let me squawk that sh**
I will box that beak
Cock the hammer for the chicken if you wanna cross that street
Ba-ba-ba-bird bars, watch me overdose
If I did, that would be your only hope
I should introduce son to his father and the holy ghost
For making me spend a single weekend of my life in Holyoak
You know whats cracking in Holyoak?
Back page hoes that K-Shine knows
Throwing blows in the hotel room hallway, dont ask me why, only K-Shine knows
Sorry Uncle Niki, Im not hating
Its just not the type of place that Id vacation
While I was in Amsterdam, eating magic truffles getting high as spaceship
You were battling your f**ing step daddy in Nikayas basement
Face it, being on a B.E.T. cipher dont make you famous
If you still gotta battle 16 times a month to make your cell phone payments
Im f**ing done

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