DK - Riding Around

Song Rating: 7.30/10

Song lyrics:

[Produced By DJ Mustard]

[Intro - Young Thug]
Yung LA
These Thugger Thuggers know
I gotchu brodie
Im with you

[Hook – Young Thug]
Baby girl want a 12 play, shop a lot and get it on the stairway
I dont want to f** I want that damn face
Shouts to my brodie-ger on [?]
I be riding round here with LA [x4]

[Verse 1 - Yung La]
Head band, gas, weed stuffed in my swisher
Imma get your girl, drill her, hit her, then flip her
After that, dismiss her I wont call her, call her, call her
Look at all these chains on my collar, collar, collar
Trap [?], like Mike Jordan fadeaway
Moonwalk like MJ, Forgiato made wheels skate
More money, more hoes, more clothes
More shows, more chicks, more weed
More flight, get piped, got molly on spite, more plain, more Gs


[Verse 2 - DK]

Imma pull a Thugga stugga, LA, Leyland, Austin
Pockets stuffed with stanking weed, creek, no Dawson
Imma head pleasers, 3d, with scotty and scottys
Look at my iPhone 5, missed call from Miley
I be riding round with whatever lay
I dont play with Thugga, hit you in your face
f** around the car, had a Phantom bang
Now Im two stepping like a Cadillac
DK, DK, DK, got a K, gon spray anyway
DK geeked up, geeked up, cant see you through my shades


[Verse 3 – Young Thug]
T H U G G E R-eh
Im gonna pull up on her and slaughter your daughter
Im gonna pull up in Bentley, and hop out and hop on martyr
Im gonna eat it, beat it, eat it, beat it, Im smarter
I just seen my dope come up out the babys nose
Aaliyah, Imma rock the babys boat
How can you take grammys of the Miley and dont smoke
I think theyre the reason you call me Lil Pacquiao
No fish filet, I told lil mamacita I dont f** with fake
She f** me too fast, I just call it race
Imma turn to Christian like Im f**ing Ma$e


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