Don Simon - Destruction

Song Rating: 9.64/10

Song lyrics:

This Don Simon on this one you know
Lynex you really got me on this one you know
From Nigeria to South Africa
You know how we do

Verse 1
Lyrical exercise
My rhymes unreharse
Am just a free styler
I dont need your hook
Am just a free rhymer
I dont need a book
I just needed to rap
On this Lynex Beats
After making the hits
I drop it on the streets
They feeling my flows
Am never going low
Don Simon got the Bars
Straight from the Mars
So you can call me Martian
Or may be Simonation
Rapping is my mission
Doing it without permission
Hip-Hop on higher level
Thats my only vission
Rappers tryna battle
My rhymes releasing fire
My haters still hating
All your plots back fire
Envying me is punchless
Told you couple of times
Am living on the rap
The rap on my rhymes
My words are hard to swallow
But you can try tomorrow
No time for reharsal
My flows are universal
Am playing with the swords
k** the beats with my words
Couple years ago
Now Am ready to go
Straight to the Grammy
Next to Miami
Reading the next chapter
The reason for my laughter
The season for the master
To fish the dope rapster
Shout out to EmmyBlaster
I know you feel me
I feel you too
Shout out to my haters
Now its too late to run
The bullets in my gun
Ready to k** for fun
Now am back to love
Couple shots to heart
With the arrows of love
The pain Am going through
The rain Am flowing through
The gain Am pa**ing through
I guess its love
Making me feel like dove
Getting me high above
Up above your hating
This history in making
Am right next to promoters
Ready to promote us
This is not a joke
Cause I broke the yoke
I went from gra** to grace
Now am running a race

To finish by His grace
Talk of rap battle?
They die at early face
Talk of rap temple?
My feet on holy place
Wearing Jesus piece
My haters rest in peace
Left the dead behind
And left you in mind
Am still keeping my head up
Aiming higher straight up
And before you know it
Am making history
And before you know it
Am claiming victory
Am looking through the mirror
Am tryna see the hero
But me is I see
Don Simonation
Hope you can see me
Shining like the stars
Hope you can see me
Flying with the stars
My words like fruit of life
Am like tree of life
Eat-my-words and live your life
Shes given me toy
And said that Amma boy
But now Am the troy
This is Gods blessing
Hope youve learned a lesson
Never been defeated
My victory repeated
Still doing big
Ridding my city gig
They know am hot youre not
So why the bragging
My truth will do the dragging
I spit the illest
All my sh** the realest
All my lines the finest
To my realest Gs
Down in KD city
To my realest Gs
Up in Maid city
To my realest Gs
In Jimeta City
Am heading for the cheese
Am bringing you the cheese
So we can eat together
So we can eat like brothers
So dont create the boarders
Shout out to Reno Rhyno
Terah Terasco
Dogoski Victor
Mymush Adasu
Recxo Bonox
Adebayo Mi
Dati Dati
Seto Baba
Mister Gacha
SK Blows
Kingso Lala
Musty Jagz
SDQ Sadiq
Affiku Ace
Lil Radical
Master Key
Am out!

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 10:29