EA Sports FIFA - Bliss Out

Song Rating: 8.72/10

Song lyrics:

Im on my way up
So high up now
Im floating in the clouds
Cause you make me bliss out

[Verse 1]
Yeah yeah yeah
Yo this is my weekend story
Im on Saturday morning glory
Wake up, outside the rain is pouring
I dont care, Im inside with you; Im soaring
Still sleepy, nice and easy
Its all good, yeah life is peachy
So sweet, every hour feels like weeks
Thats how my heart beats (and)
Feels like Im on the edge of a cloud
And only you can save me
Blissed out and I dont know how

How you do sedate me
And I love it when
Ill see you over there
Cause you make me bliss out


[Verse 2]
Feels like Im on a warp world seven
I pa**ed away and your bedroom is Heaven
Living, I wanna stay here foreveer
Cause you make me buzz when we come together
Im lazy, mind is hazy
Just the way you send me crazy
Woke up in limbo-land
Then you go down
And my world expands (and)


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 21:39