Eminem - Never Forget Ya

Song Rating: 7.38/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Yes I understand I done came a long way
From huggin them corners to appearin on TV
From choppin up nicks like this here feeds me
To makin em hits like this sh**s easy
But its not, its a whole lot of bullsh** involved
And truthfully, Id rather be bullsh**tin with yall
But I gotta chase the donuts, Cocoas growin
And its like Oh sh**, she was just born
And now she knowin every song on the radio
If I hear another Bow Wow quotable (Oh no)
Grown as ever, school craft for ever
Recognize real when I stare at ya, my n***as
Im a hold you down, even when Im not around
Im just gone for now, Ill be back in a while
Back in a while, yes (Said Ill be back in a while)

My n***as Koon and G, never forget ya
John Doe, I will never forget ya
Jo Jo, I will never forget ya
P-Funk, how could I ever forget ya?
Terry T, I will never forget ya
My man B, I will never forget ya
Strafmoore, Obie will never forget ya
Lauda, how could I ever forget ya?

[Verse 2]
This is dedicated to my chick friends
Never stuck in my dick in friends, just my down a** b**hes
You know who you is like you know how
To get a s**er mothaf**as riches, yall aint sh**
And when I touch back home, n***a, find me a b**h
With a fat a**, and no I aint down to trick
Thats asinine, Im on the grind and Im tryin to get rich
All this a mine so yall got some, get your wigs did
My ridettes from East to West
North to South, stab a b**h for runnin her mouth
Five rugrats, big gun in the house, you run up in
You get stretched up out without a doubt, its vicious
This go out to all my tataliciouses

Yeah, thats what Im talkin about

Big homie Creda baby, never forget ya
Little Meeko, never forget ya
My sister Zata, never forget ya
Nikki, I will never forget ya
n***a Cat, how could I ever forget ya?
Jim Brown, I will never forget ya
Young Bratty, how could I ever forget ya?
Keena Johnson, I will never forget ya

[Verse 3]
And now that the album is sold, the story unfolds
Cause Im probably asleep on your living room flo
Whether gold or plat, O. Trice
Always knows to go back, pa** the Carnac
Crash the Cadillac, n***a aint sh** changed
Just a lot a change, a whole lot a brain
A whole lot a dates, a whole lot a thang
But hey Im from the D, I got a whole lot a game
And I promise, Im as thorough as you made me
Detroit living, Im in thoroughly with Shady
I make moves til them fools come engrave me
They crazy, the pistol was cocked, he wont play me, yeah

Rest in peace my n***a Lou Green, I will never forget ya
Little Randy, I will never forget ya
Keith, I will never forget ya
Shawn Stringer, I will never forget ya
Little Randy, how could I ever forget ya?
My n***a Shan, never forget ya
All my n***as thats gone, never forget ya
I love yall, its on never forget ya

Yeah, Shady baby! Detroit motherf**ers (313 baby)
Thats right, we in here, know what I mean? (Never forget ya)
Ive been seein the struggle my n***a
Im rest to go, the color aint purple, the color is green
Lets get this money, Hop-o, yeah, momma, right here

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