Eminem - s** My Dick

Song Rating: 8.13/10

Song lyrics:

*talking gibberish*
So you can s** my dick if you dont like my sh**
Cause i was high when i wrote so s** my dick

Two pills i pop till my pupils swell up like two pennies
Im Clint Eastwood in his mid-twenties
A young a** man with a trash can strapped to the back of his a**
So the rats cant chew trough the last pants
Im like a mummy at night,fightin with bright lightnin
Frightened with 5 little white Vicadin Pills bitin him
Im like a f**in was in the hospital lost
Stingin the f** outta everything i came across in the halls
I light a candle and place it up on a mantle
Grab a knife at the blade and stab you with the f**in handle
So when you find yourself wrapped up in the blinds, hurtin
[Swifty]its just to late
[Eminem]Cause once youre hung from the drapes,its curtains

[Swifty McBay]
Im an instigator, 380 slug pentrator
Degrading, creating murders to k** haters
Accused for every crime known thru the equator
They knew i did it, for having blood on my gators
My weed ll hit youre chest like a double barrel gauge
Im like a black grenade,that ll blow up in youre face
With a fifth of me, when i guzzle Remi, i do sh** on purpose
You never hear me say forgive me
Im snatching every penny
I gotta be that way n***a, face it
That weed i sold to you brigade laced it
You high and i make the president get a facelift
n***as just afraid, handing me their bracelets
Chilling in the lab,wasted
Im the type that ll drink Kahlua and Gin-throw up on the mic
Your life is ruined, you get socked right on site
And even at the Million Man March, we gon fight

So you can s** my dick if you dont like my sh**
Cause i was high when i wrote this so s** my dick
Cause i dont give a f** if you dont like my sh**
Cause i was high when i wrote this so s** my dick

Im a compulsive lier, setting my preacher on fire
Slash youre tires,flyin down Fenkel and Meyers
Plates expired, soon as im hired, im fired
Jackin my dick off in the bed of barb wire
(Hey, is Bizarre performing?)
b**h cant you read the flyer?
Special invited guest would be Richard Pryor
(Arent you a male dancer?)
Nah b**h, im retired
f**in youre b**h in the a** with a tire iron
Im ripped, im on an acid trip
My Djs in a coma for lettin the record skip
Lettin the record skip
Lettin the record skip
*Djs schratching*
Im f**in everything when im snortin
Its gonna cost 300 dollars to get my Pit Bull an abortion
Some b**h asked for my autograph
I called her a hore, spit beer in her face and laughed
I drop bombs like i was in Vietnam
All b**hes ares hoes,even my stinkin mom

Ay-yo flashback,2 seats,2 deep up in that a** crack
Weed laced with somethin , n***a pa** that
In Amsterdam we only hang out with that hasj rats
At a Stop The Violence rally i blast gats
Be youre momma publishin, get youre a** capped
The Kuniva, divide up youre cash stack
Raid youre motherf**in pockets,ASAP
I dont need a platinum chain b**h, i snatched Shaqs
Born loser, half thief and half black
Bring youre boys and youre guns and get laughed at
b**h smacker, rich rapper and their Jags jacked
And find chupped up in a trash bag

[Dirty Harry]
Strangling rappers to the point they cant yell
Cause their crew is full of fags and sweeter than bake sales
Wreckless, come from behind and snatch youre necklace
Gruesome, and causin more violence than 9 hoodlums
I grapple youre adams apple until it crackle
Run right past you,turn around, grab you and stab you
Get executed, cause im a loony
I got a yuck mouth and its polluted
I cock it back and shoot it
I love snatching up players, thugs and young ballas
Shoot up the household, even the young toddlers
Brigades barricade to bring the noise
While the bullets break up youre bones like Christmas Toys
If a go solo, im doing a song with polo
A big chinese n***a, screaming yo,yo!!!
I leave ya face leakin
Run up in church and smack the preacher while hes preachin
Take a swing at the deacon

[The Kon Artis]
I used to tell cats i sold weed and weights
I was straight until i got caught sellin them shaped
Im ignorant, with the intent to snatch youre rent
I got kicked out of summer camp for havin s** in my tent
With the superintendents daughter, my brains out of order
Ive bin a con artist since i was swimmin in water
In Cahoots with this n***a called Fall Out Von
Who got fired from UPS for tryin to send you a bomb (special delivery)
I signed to a local label for fun
Say i got cancer, get dropped, take the advancement and run
Ride by you in the rain while you carry youre son
Call you house and hang up on you for not givin me none
Born straight up out a p**y but a son of a gun
Got a reputation for havin n***as run up they funds
Used to be the type of n***a that was full of someones
Til i met youre fat mama, now im rollin in dough

So you can s** my dick if you dont like my sh**
Cause i was high when i wrote this so s** my dick
Cause i dont giva a f** if you dont like my sh**
Cause i was high when i wrote this so s** my dick

s** my motherf**in dick
Dirty motherf**in Dozen
Nasty like a stank slut b**h with 30 f**in husbands
Bizarre Kid
Swifty McBay
The Kon Artis
The Kuniva
Dirty Harry
Haha, and Slim Shady

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