Eric Andersen - Is It Really Love At All

Song Rating: 8.12/10

Song lyrics:

Sitting here forgotten like
Em A Asus A
A book upon a shelf
No one there to turn the page
Em A
Youre left to read yourself
Em D D/C# Bm
Alone to sit and wonder just how the story ends
Cause no-one ever told you child
Asus A
You gotta be your own best friend
Sunny days cloudy days
Em A Asus A
Always seem the same
If love were made of clouds I
Em A
Almost wish that it would rain
Even when the skies are clear
D D/C# Bm
The weathers always blue
Em Asus
Every day would be nice If I had
Someone I could come home to
D Bm Em A D Bm
Love is it really love at all
Em A F#m Bm
Or something that I heard love called
Em A D Bm Em A
Something that I heard love called
Now life can sometimes slip away
Em A Asus A
And love can pass you by
D Em A
If only it had been another place another time
Em D D/C# Bm
Maybe therell be someone who likes to see you smile
Who will want to stay with you

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 23:11