Erika - O que eu into por ti (Tradução)

Song Rating: 9.74/10

Song lyrics:

Music: I belt for you
Letter: Allkappa feat Erika
Genre: hip-hop rap

Chorus (1)

I will not say anything but
But I will not say anything but
But Ill say but nothing ñ

(Erika 1)
Some Alkappa calls you, but to me you are Andrew
Lando kixinda Kamalandua
Tu para mi tu es the driving force of the people who
You hope with the weary
But your biggest problem is you you can not fail
Because your target and hit
You spend too much time hits and I can not see your only fan
The letters have the suduididade your fertility even when these unimaginative
Andrew lando kixinda kamalandua you are just like those men who lose hope after losing avid
You are not my goals that do not lose their lives
Even when it is wound with the hope
You have more value to me what word mc
Put that Im proud to write for you
You only have enemies because they do not live the basis of quality

Besides you are friend of a friend
You are under that reflects me honestly

Chorus (2)
I will not say, Ill tell ñ
But nothing, nothing but
But Im not saying I will not say
But nothing
I will not say anything but

(Alkappa 2)

Sinceramnete describe your person and as disbelieves the beauties that this
Angola carries
Erika your ego but the poem is beautiful Pepetela
But the only problem is your q can not do sh**
You are not perfect, but your actions will only be able to reach the perfect goal
And your defect is lower than the head face of defeat, for he knows that only the forces and not lost hope
Friendship 7 carrying letters, but to carry 4 million which is love
Some you raise the middle finger because it has the same value
And I just do not be wired propriety of gold or silver because they do not prove
None of what I feel for you
Your hope is to steer when retreat is not to flee but
The stock pick
And your intelligence and how banana never comes alone, always comes in the form of cluster Erika

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 02:29