Fat Trel - 542 AM (Outro)

Song Rating: 8.52/10

Song lyrics:

You dont understand babbio, Im trying to shave your marriage

Now everytime you call, I pull up on the double
All this quick be cheating sh**, gon get you in trouble
Im not with the arguments, I dont like to tussle
I just like to stack up all my chips, like its ruffles
Back when we first started, promised I wouldnt touch you
After that we f**in, promised we wouldnt cuddle
Funny how it change, now you tell me you love me
And Im the only one and aint nobody above me
Hustling, youngin thuggin, fat and ugly with money
All my b**hes model, couple thotties with tummies
Pull up in 2 seaters, maseratis or something
Flexing in the winter, in December, its ours
Heard you had the baby, thats so crazy to hear
Im a make a visit, maybe twice out the year
And holla at the sister, as I exit the rear
Call my n***a slizz, he got chickens in here
Couple naked b**hes in my kitchen, in here
Counting up the riches, all the digits is clear
Light another swisher, lets get lifted in here
Everyday is feeling like its Christmas, in here
I cant have an arguement, with n***as who I started with
I am not a prodigy, my style is flying [?]
Mami used to rock it with them n***as rocking moccasin
Studying the air space, I just took a rocket ship
ATM strip club, snuck the pocket rocket in

n***as plotting heavy now, I could never let us down
Hit em with da six shot, make me buss a seven round
Cut em up and toss him in Virginia, body never found
Ask me how Im doing, b**h Im chillin, living better now
You can keep the shoe fool, I just work towards cheddar now
Settle down, told my mama, she said boy, you let her down
Hella loud, in front of everyday, I was off the Molly
I aint even care, its like I aint even there
Its like Im blindsided, but I can see it clear
Hell yeah
All my 10 year n***as, still here
Right or wrong, Im a ride for n***as till the end
Till the end, yeah

Washington D.C., District of Columbia n***a
1513 [?]
1600, gang
You know
Free all the guys
Motha Russia
I hope you enjoyed it
Slizz on the beat
Im high so I said it like that
Lets get itttt!

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 03:10