Filnobep - Grab em by the p**y

Song Rating: 8.26/10

Song lyrics:

[ Intro: Donald Trump]
Im on my way the white house right now
f** you if you didnt vote for me
Still huge, its fantastic

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
When you in America, you can be the king
You can tell a red [?], anything
When you rich, you feel like the king
And these hoes let you do anything
So I

Grab her by the p**y (8x)

[Verse 2: Donald Trump]
Grab em by the p**y, until it gets fishy
If she likes Trump, than p**y is a dump
Dont blow my hair, let me smack her tushy
If she says no, Ima grab her by the p**y

Give her mental drama, shes a hot mama
Hotter than a sauna, you know that I wanna
Hit it from the back, put it her mouth
Once you go back, you cant go back
Step up in the white house

Grab her by the p**y (8x)

[Outro: Donald & *Lil Wayne*]
b**h you fired
I told them Wayne, its gonna be huge
*Tell Obama I said f** you*
f** you Obama
*Got something to say n***a? Ill grab you by the p**y, lil b**h said Obama was here, grabbed that b**h by the p**y, Ima grab your daughter by the p**y, Ima kidnap your grandma and grab her by the p**y, f** you*
What up Weezy, f** em all, its gonna be huge I tell them
They didnt vote for me and I still won
Because Crooked Hillary, Ima grab that p**y, you lost but you can still join my team hoe
Its gonna f**ing huge just like my cock, f**ing huge
Let me grab that p**y b**h, your slit b**h, its f**ing huge

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 08:27