Flume - Enough

Song Rating: 8.46/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Yeah, King Push
I could tell you what the Porsche cost, what my wrist like
What a brick weigh, what your b**h like
Ace bottles and late models
n***as happy with the base model
Fashion god from fake model
They follow
Im the culture, KRS in the roadster
Poetry, Scott La Rock with the c**a, Im the joker
My b**h got the poker face, she a soldier
Might let you f** just so she can show me the safe

Yeah, [?] drug wars
Open suicide doors
f** the b**h on eight floors but it aint enough
Yeah, seen the war [?]
Porsche [?] till I bought
Yeah, I partied off shores but it aint enough

[Verse 2]
Motivate or I can be a menace

You got two choices
I got one chopper, Im hearing voices
Im seeing visions
These Rolls Royces in arms reach, I come creep
These snakes are poisonous
Its the perpetual lifestyle
Look at the watch on me right now
Bezel blinding like a bright cloud
Its a drug dealers dream
Everything that I say is everything that I mean
Lets weigh it up

Check, kilogram on the neck
Money, power, respect
Real shooters on deck, but it aint enough
Man I just got the text
Shes just waiting, undressed
Her girlfriend brought the checks, she aint enough
Everybody get the tech
All you n***as hit the deck
b**hes think he got next, but it aint enough
Haters still wanna test, but I just said f** the rest
Always gave her my best, but it aint enough

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 12:15