Futuristic - Kings Speech (Queens Speech Remix)

Song Rating: 7.12/10

Song lyrics:


Always talk sh** but my breath dont stink
Flow been running better rest my sink
Cooking these n***as got the recipe
If they mess with me, rest in peace
Gotta drive like Uber, never Let the headrest
Mic always on like a bald dude with a headset
Hit it till she squirt damn got the whole bed wet
Rock Out like Led Zep
Uh, One Take what I do who you?
Look at your whole crew I dont know whos who
You look confused think you need a blues clue
2 girls 1 cup you n***as is doo doo
All about business I need a new suit
4 us by us my label is Fubu
Microwave a n***a ff he think he too cool
Im a misfit like I switched to a new school!
Upload a pic to the gram
Yo girl wit my dick in her hand (Gross)
You should just stick to the plan
You could sink quick in the sand (Whoa)
I know you a b**h, Mulan
You could get folded, futon
Every girl want the noodle, udon
Going hard for the green, cruton
Now I could see why you stressed
Now I could see why you stressed (Why?)
Yo life is just like my little brothers room because that sh** is a mess
I know that I am the best, theres something I need to confess (Whats that?)
I still use an iPhone 5, but somehow I got success
I be out in cali
In the valley
Making money
Do my dougie
Cuz its funny
Sip a lot of tea
With honey

Make em jump
Like its a bungie
sh**ting on em need a huggie
Flow is cold
I need a snuggie
Now my pockets
Gettin chubby
All these women wanna touch me
Cuz Im cuter than a puppy
And Its like I won the lotto
Cuz Im always gettin lucky
Now she lickin my banana
Like a muthaf**ing monkey
And she not havin my baby
But she feel me in her tummy!


[Verse 2]
Let a n***a breathe!
All these sick words in my notes
I think my phone has got a disease
My flow Im Mufasa
Long live the king!
I feel like Mohammad Ali
Fly like a butterfly
Sting like a bee! (Bzz)
Okay Im back now
You an a** clown
Whatever that means?
You couldnt walk in my shoes
Like you a skinny dude and I got fat feet
Never been in the backseat
You prolly live in a taxi
My flow is oh-so proactive
And I aint never had no pimples, n***a!


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 12:08