Gravediggaz - 2 Cups Of Blood

Song Rating: 9.12/10

Song lyrics:

Intro: ryzarector, grym reaper

Aiyyo reaper, those kids out there say youre mad thirsty
You got somethin for them to drink?
Yo we can wet up two cups of blood

Verse one:

Arm to the leg, leg, on to the head! yo
Be the ryzarector, resurrect the mental dead
G to the r to the y m reaper
As i get deeper than a crypt, resurrect, kid!
Dont go against the grain, mad slang is my thang
I leave the hearty party with a bang buzza
Boom! check my tune, it gotcha hyper
Dont give a f** about a s**er c-cipher!
As you decipher the tricks of a viper
Swine is lethal! ... is evil!
I am original, we can build upon
The ill form, and keep all your braincells warm!
Hocus pocus, yo! whats the focus?

Weak techniques you speak, the sh** is bogus
Even in a mortuary, slangin some boom
As i seek the knowl from the womb to the tomb

Verse two:

Deadly, deadly, hyah! get ready
Here come the styler, wilder than freddy
Cause a krueger, boom, i do ya
Just to let ya know gravediggaz comin through ya
Dead stinkin rotten, your braincells forgotten
The past, you had your bumba raas pickin cotton
Now ya hate ya knotty hairstyles
I guess you figure the texture is too wild
Two cups of blood, boy
Two cups of blood, girl
Aw, drink that sh** up

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 14:53