Invincible - ShapeShifters

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Song lyrics:

Lyrics by Invincible

Musics not a mirror to reflect reality
Its a hammer
With which we shape it*

To all my crate diggers
We the shape shifters
The fire flame spitters
We the shape shifters
To all the freight bombers
Break jitters
Mic stage rippers
Tell em get they weight bigger
We the shape shifters

Man I hate hate but I hate bigots
Especially the ones who make eight digits
His maid underpaid
And while shes making his steak dinner
Unaware of her tears
He wonders why the taste bitter
Caught the itis heavy eyelids
Sleep too deep to wake him
In his dream state cleans plates
And his feet are aching
Leans weight side to side
Chemicals make his hands peel
Realize hes seein thru her eyes
But he cant feel
Pillow only brillo pads
Wishin he was middle cla** at least
Cooks a feast pours a drink
But cant sip the gla**
Mental telepathy
Possess him with her recipe
To make him feel some empathy
Hears her thinking set us free

Back in his own bed sunlight is spilled
Between the window blinds
He then decides to write his will
Their lives are intertwined
Him and this young lady
Give away his whole fortune

Did a 180


A great plague spread/ crept into the space age
Transmitting hate rape climate change
My brigade with senses sharper than laser rays
Equipped with 88 keys, a 808 ba**
To save the whole Homo sapien race
21 hours 180 minutes shorter than 8 days
To prepare for the events about to take place
Invading with a treatment and aimin at point blank range
Injected by a form undetected to the forces
Who are hoarding resources to make a quarter
We gain our supporters going door to door ta
Reconnect the cord from the brain to the aorta
Stop nothing short of
Everyone understanding
That all the powers within em to counteract this
United never defeated
Long as the fight is strategic
Self-reliance and sound as the tactic


Take a deep breath only one week left
Oxygen levels lowering with each step
Business tycoons sending typhoons
Seems the mics doomed
Now were only down to five moons
Schools closing
Breakin in to pop the lock
Cops mace babies–Krylon their eye sockets slots
Getaway high speed chase youth lead the way
Round up the djs only down to three days
And survival hinges on the motto that the knowledge is within us
Make the cynical wake up
Change their chemical make up
The plagues energy fading to a vague memory
The last is the fastest day
Transform like Muhammad Ali did from Ca**ius Clay
Time travel to the next art form we adapt to
Theyll sample this resistance time capsule


*adapted from the famous Bertolt Brecht quote

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