JayKay - 10 Bands

Song Rating: 8.90/10

Song lyrics:

[Verses 1: Jay-Kay]
This rap
Consist of strict facts and riff raff thats in tact
My right from wrong is mismatched
Stability is wick wack
The old cats get pissed at
Make me want to click gats
All up on they motherf**ing b**ha**
Yo, Loddie roll another one
Representing 901
Trade ya body for a ton
f** ya block up just for fun
To be honest, you should run
When you see the bada** motherf**ers with humongous guns
Yo, Im Evel like Knievel
My flow be so damn deep, its undergo chemo
We balling on a budget, so low key copping a kilo
Im the number one shooter, I got accuracy on these free throws
Yo b**h, a freak hoe, she ride for dough and deep throat
She tease and blow, scream, moan, and love it when I below
Her waistline, all yall other b**hes just waste time, you aint fine
Saying I dont like em is a hate crime

[Bridge: J. Logan]
I been in the crib with the phones off
I been at the house taking no calls
I done hit a stride, had to get straight
Just so I could focus on the mixtape
Drapes closed, I dont know what time it is

Im still awake, I gotta shine this year
I will never ever let the streets down
I havent left the booth for a week now

[Hook: J. Logan]
10 Bands, 50 bands, 100 bands, f** it, man
Lets just not even discuss it, man
OMG, n***as sleep, I aint tripping, Imma let em sleep
I aint tripping, let em rest in peace

[Verse 2: J. Logan]
These n***as think they really hitting, but really, they just beginners
What I do here aint just spitting, I just do this for the kids
Who do not know what they should listen to
Listen man, Im slowly k**ing you, I cannot help that Im a villain (Ooh)
Been on a mission, I aint left the house
I had to put a team together, now we going out to Mexico
The steady metronome keeps ticking back and forth, my n***a
Im bout to snap and put you down just like a horse, my n***a
Lets look back for a minute, shall we?
I been cooking up this fire since my trip to Cali
Ive been feeling inspired since I was born, my n***a
f** you n***as think that I just stumbled up on this sh** and just started spitting
Yeah, I said it, I was born for rap
I hit the bottom, my n***a, and I aint going back
This that struggle rap
We had to struggle to afford the beat
But now they paying us, my n***a, what I sight to see


Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 05:17