JT Machinima - Black Flag Rising - by JT Machinima - an AC4 rap

Song Rating: 8.47/10

Song lyrics:

Upon the horizon, through desolate islands
A black flag is rising

[verse 1]
Fresh blood in the sand, twin guns in his hands
Hidden blades up his sleeve, cheap rum on his breath
Said hes done with his past, but the captain keeps on looking back

[verse two]
At the top of the mast, no other flag like the one that is black
What becomes of a man who runs with the deadliest scum of the land, in his way there is nothing to stand. Once he is done youll be dust in the wind

[verse three]
Still hes a plundering lover of violence, born into poverty, bred into silence. In his veins runs blood that is blessed. upon the black flag, the Brotherhoods crest

[verse four]
Leap from the sky, attack with my blades, land in your neck like theyre Dracula fangs. Battle the tide, humbling waves. fighting through lightning, and thunder, and rain. Ready your muskets, sharpen your knives, gather the rum to protect with your lives. send up the flag show them our mark Fire the cannons and light up the dark!

The black flag is rising, seeking retribution. he walks among pirates, his virtue is silence. his craft is illusion. hes just an illusion

[verse five]
Climbing masts like an acrobat, leaving a ma**ive blood bath of aftermath, the captain of a**a**ins. back to back with Black Beard, thats clearly his habitat

[verse six]
He cracks treasure maps, thats a fact. And if you have to ask, dont even ask for half NO! You act surprised, your back is stabbed. Never forget that the Jackdaws flag is black b**h!

[verse seven]
Hail the denier of empires, keeper of secrets unknown. All that he touches will set fire, now your gonna reap what you sow, here comes another Kenway

[verse eight]
Show respect, his next move is checkmate. Take a moment to get your head straight. Let your guard down hell make your neck break

[verse nine]
Drink rum,make k**s, and get laid. Hell take your wife home and break your bedframe. Dead bodies across the deck lay, toss em overboard, lose the dead weight


[verse ten]
Under the burning sun, you feel the winters breath. You hear a whisper of fate, you look around for the source. Its just a voice in your head. I am the reaper of debts come to collect


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 23:43