Karen - 436

Song Rating: 7.85/10

Song lyrics:

Get out!
BZZZT touched the third rail
Get out!
BZZZT touched the third rail
Repeat 2X
[Verse One: Karim Kaloga]
And shorting, murder, because the blood tripping
And now to the [?]
The Horror Film, [?]
Dexter, Dexter, Dexter!
And now ill see you and dexter
And deep in the wall shot was group is the dexter
Dead body with the camp, [?]
Hold On, Hold On, Hold On, Hold On!
These like a Hold On!, Now these of d**h
[Verse Two: Brook Gima]
436 is the last with the k**s
Watch these burial ground, [?]

Wrong Turn 3: Left 4 Dead these now is dark
When I, When I darkness, darkside
d**h these scamp him cropiotion, evil last
[?], Takin Takin Takin? this now k**s with the [?]
[Verse Three: Luke]
Now, [?]
Elevators darkness is sights and Heaven streets
The d**h this gotta hit myself his k**s alonger
Saw (Saw!), Saw Tooth, and the hell dead n***as
Yep, who known is else also this whos insane
Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep!
Now comin breakin sound the game
Shot down is Primrose Cla**, [?]
Spellings like finna trynna should on
Only be used when necessary for the ryhme
Scheme, [?]
Its for the titled day is nightmares
G like a [?]
Witness need is the scared for the tasty, the groups f**in groups, my groups
[Chorus 4X]

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