Kash Doll - Cheap sh** [Prod. By 3NP

Song Rating: 7.72/10

Song lyrics:


Hello? (Kash KenDoll)..
Wa**up Ken?
Yeah, I found some boots. (Ken)
Cool, how much are they?
They $450 (Ken)
Yeah. (Ken)
Yeah what?
They $450 (Ken)


I hate cheap sh**, I hate cheap sh**, Im not a cheap b**h
Receipts whats this? Dont bring me that sh**
I hate cheap sh**. I hate cheap sh**. Kash Dolllllll
Im not a normal b**h

[Verse 1:]

I hate cheap sh**, let em off the leash quick, Saks 5th, balling Balmains on my sheets b**h
I ride in foreign whips, never do I lease sh**
No motels, Im a presidential suites b**h
Its no weak sh**, I aint tryna beef b**h
Miami forge eating, tryna make the Forbes list
And when Im out the country, I dont need a tourist
Condo in L.A got fishes in the floor and sh**
Dont want it on my wrist less it cost a grip
Gas in my whip 93 no cheap sh**, Giuseppes on my feet
No fleece sh**.. VVS diamonds on me

[Chorus 2:]

I hate cheap sh**, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO
I hate cheap sh**, Please get it away. Im not a cheap b**h
Get it away from me
Receipts whats this? Ewwww. Dont bring me that sh**
No, No. I hate cheap sh**. I hate cheap sh**. I hate itttttt
Im not a normal b**h


I know what I want, what I really really want. (4x)

[Verse 2:]

It aint cheap sh**!
You a weak b**h, you wore that last week b**h!
Yachts make you sea sick, you comfy on the beach b**h
Top shelf sip, you just guzzled down cheap sh**. UGH!
Its Don P, when I pee b**h
I hate coupons, I hate futons
And n***as wit that little bread I hate croutons
You all up in my mustard, pa** the Grey Poupon
Then I pull off in a Ma**y (Maserati)
Cause I hate Yukons

[Chorus 3:]
I hate cheap sh**,(I dont wannaaaa) I hate cheap sh**, (Nooooo)Im not a cheap b**h
(Please dont bring it close to me)
Receipts whats this? (Its gonna make me itch!)
Dont bring me that sh**. (IM ALLERGIC TO IT!!!)
I hate cheap sh**. (Youre gonna make me sick)
I hate cheap sh**

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