KC - Urban Sound Surgeon

Song Rating: 7.13/10

Song lyrics:

Can you dig it?! (YEAH!)

Brand new year, breaking in all virgins
Wake up and smell the coffee, its the urban sound surgeon
Youre worse nightmare even when youre daydreaming
Spring is in the air and im doing house cleaning
All you dopes at the side talking behind my back
Get your teeth out of my beef, cos you all got plaque
I use idioms, metaphors, similes, analogies
Like Ethiopia famine, i cause fatalities
Cos i went there specifically the valley
Even bust a rhyme at a crowded clam rally
Demon like the devil, taking all-dayers
Rough rhyme writer like me as well
All you biters i battle/babble so you better beware
For the scoobio (?) born the 3rd of november
If you aint a lumberjack, then get off of my timber...
Im the urban sound surgeon

Can you dig it?! (YEAH!)

The reputation is worldwide, constantly humongous
Females on my tip like bacteria on fungus
Im the infamous, chocolate perennial prince
Royalty while im rhyming at comedy sense
Slim is the condition im in, no flab
I must confess i was blessed with the gift of gab
When your ears attract to something only i could produce
Cos the problem maybe due to my creative juice
This isnt a game of peek-a-boo cos i can see thru you
For what you are which is nothing, a professional zero
All you wanna do is be like me, the super def hero
Rap was nothing to me but a lightweight hobby
Now i get jocked in the hotel lobby
You cant be what your not and that is my equal
Here to give respect from the new york people
So for better for worse, my position is first

If you came in a limo, then you live in a hearse..
Im the urban sound surgeon

Can you dig it?! (YEAH!)

DJ Finesse, who do you know out there thats working with this?
(Coz i know there aint no body great)
Shake em, cmon bake em

Smooth like silk, in the city im slick
So i think you better cancel your ego trip
When you know damn well my rhymes are funky sh**
All you are leeches, bite my speeches
Rappers are religious, so the fresh one preaches
Im tremendously miraculous
The style i leave sensational
Amazing, fantastic
Stupendous, educational
The jock of exotic, hypnotic, erotic, psychotic
Super jazz funky snazzy MC
Thats me rhyming
Gravity trying to put you D
Create rap music cos i never dug disco
Couldnt catch the AIDS the philly not frisco
So why be lifted by mentally gifted charismatic
Carnivore s** savage
Greater and not lesser
The fresher def dresser
Fly girl impress-er
Thats way above average
Holy calamity, scream insanity
All youll be is another great fan of me

(get into it, get involved)

Im The Urban Sound Surgeon...

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 01:38