King Lil G - Lights Out

Song Rating: 8.65/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Young Drummer Boy]
I Wake Up In The Morning & I Pray To God
Thats The sh** You Gotta Do
When This Lifes Hard
Gotta Grind Hard
Before They Turn The Lights Out
Plus I Heard Tomorrow
They Gon Bring Out The New Nikes out
Anybody In My Way Then Its Lights Out
Why You Wanna f** With My Day
Boy Its Nice out
Muthaf**as Wanna Act Like This A Playground
Boy I Gotta Get This Money Till I Lay Down
Lil Homies Real Quick To Bring The Ks Out
Same Way Michael Jordan Bring Them Js Out
Thats My Word, Smokin This Herb
Cause You Know Im Only Trying To Get What I Deserve
Making Sure The Lil Homies Got Bank Bro
My Main Mission Is To Always Stack Pesos
See I Gotta Get Mine When I Say So
After That I Sip A Lil Liquor With Some Pre-Rolled
Homie I Dont Give A f** About A Kilo
All I Learned Is How To Stay Strapped In The Regal
Then Its On Sight When I See Fo
But I Aint Got No Time For The Broke sh** No More
I Aint f**ing With A Snitch Thats A No No
f**ing With A Bottom b**h Thats A Low Blow
Knock A Muthaf**a Out Like Cotto
All I Really Wanna Do Is Stack My Doe Bro

[Hook: King Lil G]
I Dont f** With Your Feelings
I Dont f** With Your Feelings
So f** What You Feelin
Gotta Whip Out The Dealer
I Been Smokin On k**a
So f** What You Feelin

b**h Im Fly, Way Too High
You Could See It In My Eyes
Couldve Had Your Girl
But I Said Nevermind
f** Your Feelings
Thats How I Get Mine

[Verse 2: King Lil G]
Tatted With No Shirt
In The Trap House
Pots On The Stove
Gotta Hustle Till I Pa** Out, Assed Out
Homies Hit The Prison
Till They Max out
Tell Em That I Got Em Super Low
For The Grams Now
Bout To Take A Trip In The Rental
I Got A Few Plugs
Way In South Central
b**h Im The King
I Dont Need No Intro
Girl I Wanna Kick It
But You Act Too Simple
I Dont Think You Know
The Type Of Girls That Im Into
I Only Hit Once Now You Act Sentimental
I Aint Really Feeling You
Be On Some Bullsh**
Your Man Dont Like It
But He Like My New sh**
He Knows That We Doin The Most
We Live By The Coast
And We Live By The Code
Slowly I Drive Through The 714
Me & Wendy We Blaze
And We Stay Super Blown


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 21:31