Lil Herb - 4 Minutes Of Hell Pt. 2

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Song lyrics:

No Limit MB
150 Roc Block Man
R.I.P. them n***as
Welcome to Fazoland coming soon
Just be patient
I know thats what yall been waiting for

Lets Get It!
Free them n***as

Look I wake up every morning with the same state of mind
b**h Im running to this money
Let the lames wait in line
Im impatient
b**h Im chasing
This first place and we not racing
Now Im cashing
Riding Astons
Went from sitting in the station
But Im up now

All the neighborhood hoes wanna f** now
I cant let chain me up like a chump now
I just call my lil bros let her bustdown
See Jackie at the top when you touch down
I done lost alotta n***as to this street sh**
Had to duck alotta triggers to this street sh**
I done seen alotta n***as do this street sh**
But the streets talk when you in deep sh**

Taught me get rich cause you cant beat this
Gotta stay afloat n***as getting seasick
Gotta get the dough I aint with the cheap sh**
For everybody ever said I wouldnt be sh**
Seen my homie hit twice coulda been three
Almost seen Christ twice coulda been three
Imma burn these pipes fore they get me
I had to earn my stripes coulda went sweet

Now I separate from n***as I dont trust
n***as that aint starve with me
And all them b**hes I aint f**
Cause I was working hard
Mixmatching words straight in that booth attaching verbs
Herb gon get what he deserve and I deserve it all

Got some sh** a couple labels heard
Now they want Herb to ball
Get me out the hood and in them hills
Man I done heard it all
But honestly my n***as honour me
Wont leave that hood at all
And honestly no n***a sponsored me
Me and my hood gon ball

Responsibly I keep my promises
No need for compliments
I do as I please like the Gs
f** the consequence
You boys aint in my league
Got my speed or accomplishments
Might catch me overseas smoking weed eating Lobster tail

Or Im probably over East where they pop you over beef
Dissing bout them Ls boys until they spot you in the street
Now they got you in the streets
With nun to block you from that heat
Aint no boxing over East
My youngins pop before they speak

Thats the way it go in my city
They trained to go in my city
We dream of sunny days
But it rain and snow in my city
Them things will blow in my city
Them boys be feeling anger
Cant just be hood on hood
Them boys be k**ing strangers

Everything aint good all good
It aint the same when your mans draw blood
n***as change when the gang draw blood
When its cold in the game
n***as dont know your name
Have you posted on the block
Giving blows in the rain
16 toting Glocks thinking those are the things

Now you on top riding fours on a range
Everywhere n***as claim yall cuz

Nah it aint all love where I meet you at
n***as want Herb man thats why I keep a strap
Posted over East man where them heaters at
Run up on me bro let them heaters clap
And dear Lord I pray
That on the day when you take me away
I got enough money laid in the safe
To make sure my moms and my sister they straight

But the Lord coulda took me today
Let a n***a run up on me cook me today
It wouldnt be easy I stay with the Eight
Or I make one call have them Ks in his face
Catch me in the mall spending Ks on my waist
All I know is ball
And I do it harder than yall
In the club throwing racks got your broad off the wall
Off the Po up leaning so hard I could fall

Pour me up
Triple cups
Fours a night
Smoking dope
Sipping lean
Purple sprite
Hold the ice

Me and broski riding in that challenger high as f**
Any n***a challenge us
Duck when we riding up

Buck at the n***a back
Buss till the n***a flat
One to his fitted cap
Watch how the n***a act

Skeet off
Drop the heat off
Call it Aston hit
Pick her up smash the b**h
V12 fast as sh**

Dudeski call it Activist
Im gon off a six
I aint lackin while its crackin
Something long on my hip
Big pole n***a
You gotta be strong just to live
Quick soul lifter
This will get him gone in a jiff

Leave a n***a right there on the block where Im at
Riding through kids and Marley in a lot with the Mac
Riding through trigger we gone leave you stinging from the black
n***a lay a couple bricks on a mat
We on that
Apologies you dont want that
Run upon us with the chance you aint blow that
Too bad man I feel for you
Say you eating man I hope your squad got a last meal for you

Catch a n***a in the store we blow him
Catch a n***a with his ho we blow him
Catch a n***a he dont got it we smoke him
Catch a n***a out in traffic we on him

n***as think they want static do they really?
Ask me why I start rapping do they hear me?
But this sh** aint only rap cause its in me
We aint worried bout your stack we got 50s

Put No Limit on my back for the city
And No Limits where its at in the city
Right on Ess** where Im at come and get me
Right on Ess** where Im at come and get me


No Limit MB


Get More crack when my tape drop
Get More crack when my tape drop

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