Lil Kilo - Philip Banks

Song Rating: 7.89/10

Song lyrics:


[Verse 2: Lil Kilo]

b**hes want a big ticket like KG
They on that movie sh**, I said that aint me
Visine flow, but this sh** you cant see
Im kicking it with some b**hes call me Jet Li

Clutching Trey 5s like KD
Busting at them, Flocka, but in HD
She said its mine, I said its not, I glanced at her and say you crazy
That child got naps that aint me

Might f** around and hit up Maury
You aint seen a n***a this salty since Lawrys

The results came back and said were sorry
So Im in the clear though, from this weirdo

But its clear though, that we get dough
Dont need Home Depot
To get hoes
Cause I got a whole shed full

Matedore that n***a, he a dead bull
Choke a n***a out til his skin dull
I swear his whole family wont be restful
When I turn they son to a vegetable

My n***as eat bullets and got techs full
Yall n***as foul, thats a technical
My head is big, cause that sh** is full
And yo b**h fat bet shed look fool

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 08:39