Lil Reese - Brazy

Song Rating: 9.59/10

Song lyrics:

(Intro - Chief Keef)
Bang Bang Gang Gang (x2)
Bang n***a
Gang n***a

(Hook - Chief Keef)
sh** Brazy
sh** Crazy
My Wrist Crazy
My b**h Crazy
My b**h Brazy
My Wrist Brazy
My Neck Brazy
My Gear Brazy
Brazy (x6)
Crazy (x7)

(Verse 1 - Lil Reese)

sh** Brazy
Please dont try to play me
Cooking up dope and serving fiends like the 80s
Going crazy
Strapped up like the Navy
I dare a f** n***a in this room try to play me
sh** Brazy
sh** Crazy!
I lost a lot of n***as thank god I still made it
Got n***as hating
Got n***as faking!
My b**h crazy
Just had a baby!

Ima get the guap for her then sh** that I might take it
And I aint waiting
Cause Im impatient
That He-say She-say sh** dont mean nothing It dont phase me
Straight at Eway late night doing about a buck 80


(Verse 2 - Chief Keef)

Say she want top Im Like...Wha?
b**h f** I look like?
b**h say she want some gwop Im Like...Wha?
b**h you better take a hike
Baby I be making plays daytime and night
b**h this is a mother f**ing..(Mans World)
Mans world yeah youre right
Remember when I was Young now I live in a f**ing..(Mans World)
I be getting money I be getting hunnids
And I get it all in a f**ing (Mans World)
I be f**ing thotties
I be Rocking Potties
Iont Ride shottie
I Drive in the..(Mans World)
Told that b**h hold up
Wait let me pour up
Im Tryna come slower
This is a..(Mans World)
Told that b**h Glo up
Im a Rock n Roller
Sosa Bon Jovi Hard Soldier

(Hook x2)

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