Luke Cage - Just to get a Rep (Episode 5)

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b**h! This aint no social.
This is what we call a State of the Union.
Darrell, how we doing after Fort Knox? Break it down and let it be broke.
Aint nothing to let be.
You are broke.
Let me rephrase.
You got your real estate.
Mama Mabel left you the club.
You and Mariah share the deed on her old brownstone.
I know you got some cash, right? I got at least 250 laying around.
Well, Fort Knox is what hurts, baby.
You lost seven figures, seven times over.
All of your cash profits from the corners, stash houses, drops.
You still got stocks, the club profits, but But what? The streets is talkin.
And that dude with the hoodie, if hes still out there This n***a too scared to say his name.
Koko, this aint PS 154.
You aint gotta raise your hand, man.
I been reading this book.
You readin now? Yeah.
Its a its a book on politics and the social conditions that created hip-hop.
The Dodgers left Brooklyn, Robert Moses created the Cross Bronx Expressway, and white folks went running for the suburbs.
This cat named Moynihan went and hollered at Nixon, and told the prez that maybe the inner city could benefit from the benign neglect.
Benign what? Its its the benign neglect.
What it means is this: Maybe if we just leave that Luke Cage cat alone, give him his side of the street, we take ours.
Benign neglect.
Yeah, okay.
The police sitting on my money.
So Im gonna have to turn up my game.
Zip I want you and the fellas to hit the streets.
Hit every business from 110 to 155th.
If they got a dime, I want at least a nickel.
Bring everything back by the end of the day.
You think youre gonna recoup $7 million, just like that? I dont even know why you back here.
Look around.
You know damn well why Diamondback sent me.
Fort Knox? This makes the junkyard rip look like Amateur Night at the Apollo.
This dishwasher thinks he can prove Harlem dont need me.
Lets see how bad he really wants to wear the crown.
You hit the boulevard and squeeze em hard.
And when they start crying, talking about, Why? Why? You tell them to go talk to Luke Cage down at the barber shop.
Theyre paying a Luke Cage stupidity tax.
What are you doing? Time is precious! Move! Zip! Call Mr.
Tell him we gonna need his services.
Get off! - You got problems with the tax? - Holler at your man Luke Cage - Holler at Luke Cage - At the barber shop.
Payday, Aisha.
We aint got it this month, Zip.
Back off.
Give me that.
What the hell are you doing, Zip? Ooh.
Didnt your old man come up on the Mets? He got cut.
He played for the championship New York Nines team.
Thats a Nines ring? Zip, please.
Thats my fathers! Aw! Dont cry.
You mad? Holler at Luke Cage.
Hell tell you why we doin this.
- A tailor? - That aint no tailor.
Thats Dapper Dan himself.
Dapper Dan? Said you needed a suit, thats why I had you come here.
And I figure Pop would want you to come to his memorial correct, so I used a little bit of money to have my man Dap do you right.


Saw you on TV the other night.
Buried alive.
Now thats what I call style.
- Lucky.
- You aint lucky.
You blessed.
What was Mike Tyson like? Oh, I know youre sick of telling that story.
He whooped Mitch Greens behind, didnt he? Mike Tyson is a real nice guy, man.
But he hit like a beast.
Yeah, well there was beauty in that beast.
You cant control what people say.
Just be the best man that you can be.
And always make sure they spell your name right.
Now, thats a dapper approach, man.
- Thanks, man.
- Appreciate it.
Lets see here.
That aint no smock.
- You ready for later? - All good.
Messages stacked up at the door.
Like everybody in Harlem looking for you after that building thing.
Im strictly about Pops memorial today.
Seating everyone at this thing is gonna be the toughest move Ive mastered since the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit.
I mean I gotta put Estelle up front, cause shes been with him the longest, at least as far as the neighborhood knows.
Keep her far away as hell from Charlene.
Shes real sly.
Moves like a bishop on the diagonal at all times.
Now, they both have to steer clear of Candy, who they both think is his cousin.
Candy? She rubs everyone the wrong way but Pop.
Who she rubs the right way, every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:45.
Looks like Shaft aint had nothing on Henry Hunter.
Pop was a mack.
If thats what you wanna call it.
He would want you to have his apartment upstairs.
Uh, especially since your crib blew up.
Ill earn my keep somehow.
Goddamn right you will.
We fix this place up, the doors gotta reopen.
- Talk for another day.
- Cool.
- Luke Cage here yet? - Whoa, slow down, Aisha.
- Whats wrong? - Im Luke.
What you got to do with all this sh** happening up and down Lenox Avenue? What are you talking about? Zip snatched my daddys championship ring and hit about 20 other spots all over uptown.
- Why? - I dont care why.
You need to get my daddys ring back.
You remember what he was like before he got strung out? Eddies a good dude deep down.
To me, whats left of him is that ring.
The only reason why he didnt pawn it is because I took it away from him.
Somebodys gotta protect his legacy.
Even if he wont.
Let me get into this.
See what the hells going on.
Get into it? You need to check these dudes! Everybody heard about what you did in the projects.
Dont be a punk and just stand by.
Different kind of chess gambit.
Cottonmouth figures if he cant drop you, hell get Harlem to push you out.
Where you going? To make sure Cottonmouth spells my name right.
They smashed all my displays! Yo, they took my Les Paul.
Thats my life.
Jacked me for my tips! - Im on it! - I work hard for that money.
Im on it! Hey, youre late.
What? I got robbed.
Some guy stole my bag.
I had to whoop his a**.
What were you thinking? I was thinking that I wanted my bag back.
He could have k**ed you.
Mami, please.
I grew up here.
If you dont fight back, they make you into a doormat.
You know who taught me that? You.
Things have changed up here, mija.
Things have changed everywhere.
Is Is why you came back home? I wanted to come back where things made sense, yeah.
What the - Where is he? - Who? Les Paul.
- Those two? - Yeah.
- Lets go talk to them.
- Dont you need a gun? I am the gun.
Yo, Plug One, Plug Two.
What is this? Your boyfriend? You want some of this? You know my name? Thats Luke Cage, a**hole.
The next time you say my name Im coming for you.
Now, when you wake up, I want you to tell everybody that youve been screwing with that they got nothing to fear from Cottonmouth, you understand? Wake up? I cant believe that b**h shot me.
Got a name on that b**h who shot you? I aint say I got shot.
No snitching, huh? You remember me from Genghis Connies? Oh, sh**.
What happened? Who shot you? Im going back to Raleigh.
Ive had enough of this sh**.
You aint moving fast enough.
Aisha aint like the others.
She wants that ring back.
You gotta understand.
When her father was sick, she came up in the streets all by herself.
Shes tougher than she looks.
Aisha shot that dude? He was with Zip.
He laughed at her, and talked trash about the ring.
Whered she get the gun? Yo, I plead the eighth.
You mean the fifth.
Yeah, that sh**.
I plead the fifth.
Where is she? Check the shop on St.
If she aint there, your guess is as good as mine.
Dont you get tired of hanging out near crime scenes? Whos this? Is this is what you were looking for this morning? Uh-uh.
Its evidence.
Part of my investigation.
- Thats my property.
- Too bad.
Is she the reason rockets keep getting dropped on your head? A good cop would ask the person doing the shooting that question.
Oh, yeah, wise guy? Well, how about this? Whats going on between you and Cottonmouth? He didnt like the way I was washing dishes and he fired me.
Chaos rolls off you like water off a duck.
But its gotta stop.
Innocent people are getting hurt.
Either be a part of the solution or leave.
I will.
Ill leave.
But first, I gotta do right by Pop.
Hey! - You going to Pops memorial? - Yeah.
You need to let this go.
It makes you look weak.
I cant ignore him.
You cant let this dude drive you stupid.
It only helps his name ring out like yours used to.
All right Mr.
Gangster Consultant.
Take your shot.
- What would you do? - Sell this club.
You can net three mil, easy, on the real estate alone.
Not happening.
No one black has ever done anything like this.
Percy Sutton came close, but that was years ago.
Harlems Paradise is special.
And its not going nowhere.
If you dont make the right moves now you are done.
This place is my reputation.
My blood.
My legacy.
Hes here.
You guys? Again? There he is.
Dishwasher Lazarus.
You want your old job back? Costs to be a savior.
Ask Jesus.
You started all this.
This is me finishing it.
You want Harlem? Its expensive.
I dont want Harlem.
I just want you to stop messing with it.
This is my home.
You dont know a damn thing about it.
Carl Lucas? Whoa! Whoa! Its called deductive reasoning.
If a rocket launcher couldnt stop me whats that little peashooter gonna do? You wanna go to war? Hmm? Ill take you to war.
You dont have enough people.
This mobs not deep enough.
Ask your man, Shades.
Youre supposed to be dead.
You cant k** me.
Keep my name out your mouth.
Or what? You know this son of a b**h? Its a long story.
Ill make time.
- Dont do that.
- What? Worried Im gonna spill it? Mami, youre so superstitious.
And youre not? Theres more to this than superstition.
Thats a kind of yes/no thing.
Theres a middle ground.
The hospital was attacked by men in masks.
And the one I took down had a scar like from an autopsy.
Like he had died and come back to life once before.
And his friends broke in and k**ed Louisa.
The hospital wants to cover it up.
Theyre saying that a junkie stabbed Louisa.
I was gonna go to the cops, so they gave me a choice.
Actually, it wasnt a choice at all.
Im glad you came home.
I kinda had to.
Metro-General pretty much made sure I cant work anywhere else in New York.
What would make you happy? Ive seen a man a blind man who can see, because his other senses are so amplified.
And this other man who survived a shotgun blast to his head and recovered from a brain hemorrhage in a few hours.
And they both needed my help.
I think thats what I want to do.
Is help people with abilities.

You know what your abuela said about these things? Well, you know I dont believe in that Santeria mumbo jumbo.
She was a curandera, not a priestess.
The world isnt the world anymore, mija.
Aliens coming out of the sky.
People with silver hammers.
Green monsters.
All I know is everything happens for a reason.
And now, somehow youre a part of it.
What do you call that? The worst luck in the world.
Its called fate.
Thats Carl Lucas.
I did time with him at Seagate Prison when I first got there.
Rackham, captain of the guards, he had us work him over real good.
Theres no way he couldve survived in one piece.
This n***as half Houdini, half Ali.
Theres a bullet for everyone.
Diamondback taught me that.
Say what? I got something to show you.
Russian? Ukrainian, I think.
Eastern European connection.
Kevlar? Must have a South American hookup.
Its heavy duty.
Military grade.
This aint sh**.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
That is the illest sh** Ive ever seen in my life! Are you serious? Based on a prototype by Hammer.
The rounds are a composite, invisible to metal detectors.
And they incinerate forensic evidence, so they are untraceable.
What kind of metal does that? Nothing from this Earth.
- The incident? - Thats what I hear.
Yo if you wanted to k** Jesus thats the bullet youd use.
Thats why they call it the Judas.
Hmm I can think of a few fools Id love to baptize with that joint.
How do I get em? One of two ways.
You pay for it.
Or you ask Diamondback to handle Carl Lucas for you.
I dont need Diamondback to handle my problems.
How much for the damn thing? - Per bullet? - Mmm-hmm.
For real? God damn it.
Diamondback can front me.
Im good for it.
He aint gonna front you a dime.
You made too many mistakes.
He told you that? Does he have to? Ill call him my damn self.
He aint the same Diamondback.
If he does you this favor hes taking Harlem from you.
Im just letting you know.
Ill get Domingo his guns, square everything away so Diamondback can front me the loan.
Then Ill k** Cage so sh** can get back to normal.
Let me make a few phone calls.
- My man.
- Hmm.
Hey, Captain.
We need to talk, seriously.
Whats the problem? Scarfe.
IAB hasnt officially said anything, but someone I trust is telling me hes under investigation.
What? Look, Ive been riding with Scarfe for years.
Is he salty? Yeah.
But dirty? Never.
We have a lot of eyes on us, Misty.
Cant take any chances.
Whats this based on? The night of the restaurant explosion and Crispus Attucks raid, you and your partner logged into the crime scene 40 minutes apart.
So? In the time that was unaccounted for, your only source of information for the barber shop shooting, Chico Diaz, went missing.
He was last seen with Scarfe.
Thats not true.
Scarfe left the precinct to pick up Chico, but Chico was gone.
So, he picks up a witness unsupervised, which is against protocol, doesnt even log it in, and he still has time to get to Genghis Connies before anyone else.
What, is he clairvoyant? Hes not telling you everything.
Look, they are wasting their time on this.
Good news.
Gyro guys back.
Got your nasty, mystery meat for you.
Veggie for me.
Captain, LT.
Yall hitting on my partner again? Shes fair game when you aint around.
Let me know when you have something that, uh, we might be able to use, Detective.
What was that about? Luke Cage.
They think were losing sight of Cottonmouth by focusing on him.
Thats what happens when you start hawking raffle tickets in your own precinct.
You forget how to do police work.
When I get back from the memorial, you good with going over all the sh** thats gone down since Crispus Attucks? Sure.
Ill get started while youre gone.
Go say goodbye to your friend.
Yeah, got it.
Yall ready, baby? Lets do it.
Whoo! Give it to me, baby.
Oh! Thank you.
Whoo! Whoo! - Thats it, thats it.
- Man, take my money.
The banker, baby, thats what they call me.
- Double or nothing.
- Bettin six, bettin six.
You guys actually take lunch breaks like real employees, huh? Any of you guys at Crispus Attucks the other night? - Uh uh-uh.
- Nah, man.
Like I need these b**hes.
Aishas ring.
You got it? Think about where you are.
Its hallowed ground this park.
Named for Jackie Robinson.
Its here.
Its all around you if you respect yourself enough to take a look.
At what? Our legacy.
I dont know what the hell youve been doing, but IAs onto you, and theyve given the captain a heads-up.
Youre being investigated, Scarfe.
Captain was poking around Misty, seeing what she knows.
But weve got bigger problems than IA.
Cottonmouth needs Domingos guns from evidence.
Goddamn Cottonmouth.
What do you suggest? Itd be easier just to k** him.
Not really.
We dont know if hes got a backup plan.
You better have a backup plan for getting them guns.
I got Sergeant MacClean from property on it.
MacClean? That fat donut-eating bastard is gonna get us burnt.
Well be fine.
Hes on payroll.
If we go down, he goes down.
Aisha, I got something for you.
You with them stickup boys? - No.
- Good.
Cause we aint got sh** left.
Im sorry about what happened to your shop.
Back in the days, people had respect.
I seen em all come and go.
Its always been wild.
But people carried groceries for old ladies.
Your name meant something.
Maybe thats why they call it back in the day.
Youre Eddie? The one and only.
I need to find your daughter.
She still carrying on about that ring? It aint worth sh**.
Maybe it reminds her of better times back in the day.
What about your father? Did he play the game? Of course.
Baseball is a game pa**ed from father to son.
Thats why you dont see no n***as playing the game no more.
Cause all the fathers is gone.
Aishas the one had the idea for this damn shop.
Said I could sign some autographs and keep my hands on something positive.
I said, Baby, everything I touch turns to sh**.
She never did listen.
Quit letting her down.
If she comes back tell her Luke Cage came by.
I need to see her.
You him, huh? Your name is all over Harlem today.
Not in a good way.
Im about to change that.
You should do the same.
Thats him.
- Who? - Luke.
Oh, hes trouble.
He reminds me of your father.
Yo, thats Luke Cage.
- You know him? - Yeah.
From the barber shop.
Hes for real.
Sorry, Pop.
You got me.
You know the man? I never really knew my father.
I always said that outside of my conception he was never there for me.
It got easier and easier to think of him as dead.
And now that he is I need him.
More than ever.
I was gonna tell him Ive got one on the way.
Hes a grandfather.
I just hope that by being in my sons life Im able to do the things that seems like Pop did for everybody else.
I took care of it.
You dont have to do anything else.
And take your hand out of your purse.
Would anyone else like to say anything? I have a few words.
Henry Hunter was my mentor and oldest friend.
Taught me streets the hard way.
Yall dont remember the sound of his fist, but thats how he got his name.
But he changed.
He evolved.
You see, Harlem would do that to you.
Where some people saw a war zone, Pop always saw a pasture.
A breeding ground for artistry greatness.
From Billy Strayhorn Teddy Riley, Big L, A$AP Rocky.
All those brothers came from right here.
Roses from the concrete, all cause of people like Pop.
Now, I believe that whatever doesnt k** you makes you stronger.
And thats how we got to look at Pops d**h.
Now, they never caught the shooter.
But I have faith that he is rotting in the depths of hell.
I miss Pop.
I promise you with all my might that even though we are being attacked from all sides by foreign interlopers strangers with arcane abilities I promise you I stay true to what we have right here.
Cause thats what Pop woulda wanted.
Yes, yes, yes.
Yes! I asked Pop once why he didnt want people to curse in his shop.
And why we had to wear these ugly smocks.
He said These kids need to see a man go to work every day and to be in the presence of men in uniform putting in work.
I didnt want to walk in late, but I was trying to do what Pop always did.
Help those in need.
And protect them from the forces that would do them harm.
At first, it was selfish because my name was attached to it.
But then it got bigger.
If we try to protect only ourselves without looking out for those people closest to us then we lose.
Pop never forgot his people.
Where some people saw hard rock kids he saw precious j**els.
He reminded me that diamonds are formed by pressure covered in dirt.
But then you polish them and they shine.
Pop saw the shine in everyone that walked in his barber shop.
He cut their hair.
He listened to their problems.
And he made them feel better about the world and themselves.
We have to strive on a daily basis to do the same for each other.
And sometimes, thats gonna mean standing up to a bully.
Especially if he calls himself a friend.
Talk about it.
I dont believe in Harlem.
I believe in the people who make Harlem what it is.
I believe this belongs to you.
So, youre one of them, huh? You mean someone who gives a damn? Yeah.
I was wrong.
Im glad you came.
Embarra**ing you in public was much better than doing it behind closed doors in your cheap-a** club.
Never confuse the battle with the war.
Next suit that gets damaged Im taxing you.
Hell of an impression you made in there.
Im sorry, did you just pay me a compliment? No, I didnt.
You need to stop with this pissing contest before more people get k**ed.
Maybe if yall stopped him in the first place, no one wouldve had to die.
I will get him the right way.
- The system will win.
- Forget the system.
Arrests lead to indictments.
And indictments lead to pleas.
Theres always a bigger fish, a bigger angle.
A slap on the wrist.
Right back in business.
I aint going for that.
You just started World War III in there.
And your a** might be bulletproof, but Harlem aint.
Harlem is gonna suffer.
So if you arent gonna help us take him down, then you need to leave right now, Luke, before you make things worse.
Im sorry things couldnt be different between us.
But I aint going nowhere.

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