Mara Hruby - How Far We Go (Uptown 81)

Song Rating: 9.21/10

Song lyrics:

Gather round hustlas thats if ya still livin
And get on down with this THC vision

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
The last of a dying breed too many whack artists
So tell em Parappa the Rapper n***a rap harder
Like being garbage some type of disease
I take em out their misery, make it harder to breathe
Aint no problem to me, call me Father MC
Pay homage to a God, b**h fall on your knees
Hood booga wannabe house wife ga**ed off nini
High sadity meanie tryna emulate the TV
But this real, f** how you feel
Call of Duty mode with these verses, lot of k**s
First n***as doubted the flow, now how you feel?
If this was back in the days youd get a lot of gills
Gimme mines, I really rhyme
Yup really Im, one of the illest n***as doin it
Or these n***as is losin it, silly minds
They try to style on a New York n***a
Like my flow aint cold like a New York winter
I dont stunt, I regulate
Seen empires separate
Best friends k** best friends everyday
For petty sake not even heavyweight, its never good
Theres a Rich Porter story in every hood, DZA

[Hook: Mara Hruby]
No matter how far we go
We forever be real, well never fold
Know my n***as stay down, we all we know

We gotta get it so we live it just remember what we do and wont stop

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
My turbulence put a burden on young herbs
Once its crackin its a chain reaction minus Yung Berg
Im on the verge of excellence k** em off with no evidence
Take a shot at the Excorcist then X em out with these words
Panoramic views be tumblin out my mind
This aint 1992 bullets tumblin out no nines
Big AKs like Alicia Keys abbreviated
And nowadays n***as stand behind em like Clive Davis
Clyde Drexler, before the hood got dribbled n***as right up on the stretcher
An understatement said that K. Lamar was under pressure
Dont press ya luck when Im pressed for time
Cuz when the press get this verse, their sure to press rewind
The presidents prayer cant save us in my cul-de-sac
Theres codeine, crack and cognac enough violence to keep the devil smilin while we whilin on them corners with them ropes and rats
n***a build a trap house, hope his homies dont run his trap
See the Feds and tap out thats wrestler sh**
Dont rest your case as a gangsta because you wrestled your b**h
We move in silence, like the potato tip when we ridin
And we ride rotten, 2 choppers found dirty sirens
You aint been where I been, I know where Im goin
And lifes a b**h, I know that she hoing
I know what Im sewing, what I reap
I know that Im flowing like water from sea or water from creek
And if I dont speak, I know you aint growin
Cuz Im a leader, respect it when you see em
Accepted by yo new b**h, yo old b**h and yo BM
Yall always on that BS and PS Im takin all fades
Im takin off first, this G6 is on its way


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 14:13