Meek Mill - Flamers 2 Outro

Song Rating: 9.48/10

Song lyrics:

[DJ Difference]
Its DJ Differene man means you know what time it is
Thats it man we rapping this Flamers 2 joint up
Meek Mill hottest in the city
Shout out to everybody that something to do with this joint
Charlie Mac, 215 APhillyated, T.I., the whole Grand Hustle you know what Im saying
All the artists, Nittty, B.O.B, K. Smith, AR, Bump, Gill, Crack
Batcave radio, Batcave studios, Rug, P Funk

5Pm, Oschino, Omelly even on this joint
SAP, Jahili Beats, Jay-Z, Swag beats, Wiz Gam
Looking out saint man on all of this
Shout out to Lauren London you know what Im saying
Philly radio, Q Deezy, Cosmic Kev
Thats what it is you know what Im saying
Meek tell them what they got to do from now on
(Go cop the f** up)

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 11:11