Modest - Sonata Cafe (act 1)

Song Rating: 7.29/10

Song lyrics:

Eyes wide shut at sonata cafe
Thats just what happens when I cruise
Im just spitting half of an eighth
Sixteens, mixed drinks, i bleed and bruise

Those hands more minors than a pianist
Blindfolds, so you dont what i seen in this
Troubled souls in wonderland, on the other hand
I got 5,000 ludes (Quaalude) on the loose popping them rubber bands

Night life is not quite right with Aleister Crowelys
Phonies contact the police, you know me homie
Behind masks we have these conversations
Difficult tasks simpletons create complications

Fold my hands now in the jazz lounge
Bill Evans plays keys to still heavens
The legend appears in just a second
False angels have contracts and others give me their blessings


Why does the sky have a ceiling
Why am I distracted by all these feelings
People stressin they want to feel pleasant
I receive a crown even though Im just a peasant

Verse 2

Its so strange, Im in these old chains
Illegal girl blows brains like a Cobain
Shes in a supreme hoodie sporting Jordans
She love the shallow end and unimportant recordings

Hotel pool filled with empty bottles
Never wouldve guessed that shes a Fendi model
Talks like a regular, hit me on the cellular
Still stuck on that horse like Caligula

Pa** me the sticky bruh,than you can give me nut
She left for the lounge and Im bound to throw it all away
I cant stall today
I cant stall today

Something before the sky is the limit
Thumb imprinted on the game its a gimmick
An angel is just another critic
Why are all your chronicles so ridiculous

Scorch a Honda Civic, and your mamas in it
Sweat up sauna living, lama skinning
Cant stop Papa sinning and the opposition
Losing your soul is the cost of the pimping

Repeat chorus

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 02:27