Negative Trend - Mercenaries

Song Rating: 8.60/10

Song lyrics:

In Angola, in Rhodesia,
Johnnys got his gun in every country
Theres war going on, k**ing n******g commies
Keeping Africa free.

Mercenaries k** for pay
Mercenaries die that way.

Boys feel brave just like they should
Theres lots of money they want to get rich
Experts at d**h
They spare no lives.

A man among men a fighting machine
They know survival when lifes on the line
Guerrilla warfare
Its a**a**ination theory

The heroes that die with blood running free
Faces shot to hell and missing an arm
They die for General Motors
They die for ITT
Johnnys gonna go South Africa
Angola Etheopia
Chile Cuba Vietnam
Zimbawe Rhodesia ready when you are

Mercenaries k** for pay
Mercenaries die that way

Practice makes perfect everyday
Everywhere its Rhodesia
Youre being overrun rhodesia

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 11:08