Organik - Iron Solomon vs. Dizaster

Song Rating: 8.20/10

Song lyrics:

[Round 1: Dizaster]
What you gon hear today
Is the mother of all anti-Semitic hate raps
This is revenge for all the dead children
That fell victim from way back
This here is for every single Arab
sh**, even the Christians are gonna feel like theyre getting their payback, once I rape your mother in the a** with no protection, bare back, wearing a Mel Gibson face mask
You know what rhymes with bar mitzvah? Swastika
Lets see where youre at, Iron
Lets see if Solomon can handle this
Today Ima put you through some body building championships; you gon get pushed to your max, Iron
Straighten out your act here
‘Cause any hot headed sh** will get you laid out flat, Iron
Today Ima run laps around him
Til he get exhausted and I tire Iron, like he had a flat tire
‘Cause he never had drive
He just stood on the side and watched me pa** by him
Hes pa**ed his prime, so its no use coming back fightin
The last time anyone gave a f** about Irons mic is when we had Tyson, so if Iron make a comeback for one last time
He gon get smashed like him
Youve been p**y since Grizzle Mania, duckin and divin
Always playing about being safe and survivin
I know you vanished away
And take cover, so it aint no surprisin
That once he takes cover there aint no way Ima find him
‘Cause Annie Frank used to guide him
So I know she told you all the perfect places to hide in
Yeah, Anne Frank… What a damn skank!
Someone, pa** me my gas tank!
I am Hitler, the real Heinrich Himmler
Sieg heil to your wife and sister
Youve been on two lists your whole life… mine and Schindlers
I asked you to battle me, the first time you said no
The second time you said no
If you wouldve flaked this time
It wouldve been your third Reich in a row
I said, I thought you would flake
Im honestly shocked you would take me
Had me feeling like Pesci all day
I started sweating thinking he didnt have the balls to face me
But now that we here, Iron, I know who your father is
You grew off of Little Mermaid royalties
Since we were in third grade; you was always rich
The reason you fell off is this
Its the work ethic, you never have to work hard for sh**
You never starved for sh**
Everything you asked Daddy for you would always get
See, you that fat guy that walked into the gym
Got on a treadmill and jogged a bit, but you never stayed on it for long enough to even break no body sweat
So now youre stuck in the same plateau
You havent evolved from since, but use your common sense
Youve been living off a false sense of accomplishment
‘Cause if you worked hard like all us did
You wouldve not have quit, you probablyd thought a bit
And realized, Nah, I worked too hard for this
Im Iron Solomon, Ill go back and demolish em!
Wheres your gladiator armor kit? Your heart of Spartacus?
Your I am Sparta sh**? Cmon, dawg, you got this sh**!
Im giving you back all your confidence
You soaking all this in, you know, I normally charge for this
Im just saying, you was a legend to all of us
But when youre in the room your energy isnt really felt
Try to yell out your bars to us
Your vocal projection just never hits hard enough
Like uhh... [*snaps fingers*] like a Math Hoffa punch
But arent you Jewish? Arent you Jewish?
You celebrated so many Hanukkahs that by now you supposed to have way more presence than all of us
We used to call you a pioneer. You went from that to letting your b**h re-write your third round for Daylyt
Wait a minute, you let your broad re-write all your hard work and tears? You take advice from someone else?
Wait, yall dont think thats weird?
Honestly you can call it how you want to call it
But to me all this sh** is clear
Iron Man could never get the job done
Without someone like Jarvis talking in his ear
Makes sense youre Tony Starks though
‘Cause every time you get picked apart in a battle
Its back to the lab to have your b**h walk around
Holding up the pad, helping you charge up for a year
Thats why Tony Stark is never as solid as he appears
Youve always been in constant fear
The Iron suit is just an outer part
The center piece is hollow up in here
Iron Man has had an artificial heart from the start of his career
Now look where your lifes at, n***a!
See, you were fine til you tried Smack
But you cant deny facts
That if Iron himself had the type of endurance
Then he might last, but he left too much of a wide gap
Where he didnt focus on his rhyme craft
So if you paid more attention in science cla**, you would know that iron becomes rusty when you let too much time pa**
These bars I drop got knowledge in em, Darwinism
Charles Dickens versus non-fiction DNA mama level autism
Plus, your father scripted
All of Oscar The Grouchs sh** for Sesame Street
So now I know where you inherit all your garbage writtens
Yeah, you fell off, you gotta admit it
You shouldve moved to New Orleans and got an apartment to live in with a bunch of tsunami victims, so you can share stories all day about how youre washed up with them
This is God gifted, Im God gifted
Watching me spit is like a game of Twister, ‘cause I can catch bodies back to back with my sk**s on the spot
And thats why you got us all twisted
I mean, you the best freestyler? Explain how
Yo, back in the day, if you didnt recycle so much
You wouldnt even have a name now
And Im gonna explain how, you know the, Youre behind on California time you told The Saurus?
That was the second time you recycled those same rounds
Lets play a game of I Swear Now
Say, I swear on my newborn child I didnt use those lines in a battle with Okwerdz that never came out
Look at his face now!
You look like you just got caught in a stupid lie
You have a better chance of getting Sacha Cohen to show up here dressed up as Borat in a suit and tie
‘Cause thats the only way this crowd gonna get to see another Arab get played by a Jewish guy
Im trying to get yall to see
That hes the fakest freestyler thats on the scene
But yall dont see it, yall just obsessed with these little pussies, like a bunch of Carter Deems
Hes a dead man walkin, hes almost in his coffin
Hes just caught in between
He got one window to get outside of this box hes in
I got him inside of a laundry machine
And thats the irony in it
‘Cause even if Iron makes it out of it clean
All it means is me and Iron still got to iron out some things
We gon get right down to the T
Even if you dont like how it seems
If he wont tell me what his true religion is, f** it
Ima find out when he gets [*punched*] right out of his jeans
How was that for an ironing theme?
Well, I got a different type of iron scheme
Ill take an iron fist to Irons cheek like an Iron Sheik
And you better not dare fight me inside the ring
I wish he would try me
Even if I tried him he wouldnt try a thing
Even if Iron was Tiger Woods you wouldnt see Iron swing
But youll probably rap about Math for three rounds
If you do, then be prepared to throw hands with me now
If you did, it would be like the Shazam app
‘Cause you would quickly catch a beat down
I dont give a f** if you think Im emotional, b**h
If you acting tough like Andy Gump
We can go outside and box over this sh**
Im about to hit him with the f**ing closer, ‘cause I dont care
k** yourself, ‘cause even if you did
People probably still wont care
Take your Spring Fever CD
Walk to a black hole, get lost in the middle of nowhere
And dont forget to take Adam Sandler
And all his gay a** movies with you when you go there! Faggot

[Round 1: Iron Solomon]
Oh… f**. I made my own bed
When I was dormant, I gave yall a reason to snooze on me
Tonight we putting that to rest
Yall still sleeping then you zombies
What youll see is a true homi
That looks like lipo to you probly
‘Cause hes gonna s** and Ima get a new body
This throne is my home, I came back for the upkeep
With retard strength, all your battles are dumb weak
This quack will be duck meat for flapping too much beak
Im doing my numbers on the web; duck feet
If you f**ed The Sauruss mother forty some weeks
Before The Saurus was born you couldnt compete
If you wouldnt come East Id come confront him in the West
Id throw hands across America
Every f**ing punch connects
You a one and done at best, Im the one who done it best
Big k**ers sleep in a guillotine, a cut above the rest
Im the recoil thatll leave your gun hand crushed
True artist, I paint pictures with a drum and brush
Im the one man band that Questlove cant touch
Serve food for thought, like The Roots front mans lunch
Do You Want More?!!!??! Do you want more?
Your half life starts once Organik flips the coin
‘Cause thats when things fall apart
And this is just the tipping point for now, brother
Ima milk this, my style butter
The crowd love me, like a cows utter in Calcutta
The savior, the Christians praying to Jesus
To Jews I am Moses, to Pagans I am they Zeus
Walk the crowd like the holy ghost
Strolling through the convent
You can smell Jehovahs odor on me; I am godsent
You will never see me lose to this old Lebaneser Scrooge
They booked a d**h machine for you
I suggest you think it through
Youll get digested, eaten, chewed; you a recipe for food
Step inside the lions den, you dont get to leave the zoo
A different pedigree than you
Thats why I would like to question: What did you bring to the game? What makes this guy some type of legend?
Working 20 years on his precise refined impression
Of Eminems exact style from 1997?
This Afghan a Stan, such a rabid fan. Your whole style is cut from someone elses cloth; you Dapper Dan
With a master plan to spit some multi-syllable sh**
To distract the fans while you spit some old silly bullsh**
Get out the kiddie pool, Diz. You supposed to be an adult
You keep getting old, but we dont see the results
Youre just a lost boy; Peter Pan
Whose punchlines never land
When Ds in bad form he needs a hook to get a hand
I mean, for real, whats this guys problem?
Tinkerbell is what I call him
He got dusted and did some fairy sh** to keep the light on him
I want views like Fetty Wap to get the blind to see
I only got to sock it to get to where I should be.
Lash out and patch it up, nothings cornier
What youve become gave battles a stigma, Diz
Im disappointed at what my pupils done
In hindsight, the Bay watches you ha**le Hoffa for lime light
And this guys hype off of that surprise fight
Like thats a prize fight
Even though we know you only go to blows if its staged right
The irony, that these homophobes fans support gay rights
Had your people riding the benches, jump right into trenches
You got some grimy intentions
When youre inside of these lenses
You see, to me, turning battles into fights is just senseless
But cross the line, this battle will bare a striking resemblance
Im a wig splitter, Im a ditch digger
Im a sh** kicker and Im a bit bitter
You a quick pitcher, Im a big swinger
Wont be the one running; Im a pitch hitter
Fans of Diz figure I get disfigured… FUCK YOU! THIS FINGER!
If yall keep it 100, then itll be a 3-0; thats six figures
But since homies a clown
I might throw my third round, ‘cause I want to sock ya
So if I beat this p**y a** 2-1, its not a shocker
I will bow bow; Waka Flaka. Better call a doctor
When I lick a shot in your noodle; penne alla vodka
When Im done kickin your a** we gon kick it at Bra** Rail
Theres a chick with a fat tail that be sendin me fan mail
The hoes arent playin, see everybody knows our name
‘Cause I be tossing paper, like Im trying to expose Arcane

[Round 2: Dizaster]
Alright, so, you brought up the Math fight, of course
And I think its awesome for you to reference
And I think its really awesome for you to mention
No, honestly, bro, thanks for putting your two cents in
Are you sure its not too expensive?
I know, for you being a Jew thats kind of a huge investment
You f**ing chubby Chucky, southern country Humpty Dumpty looking… f**ing ugly, musty, dusty, Rose Teletubby
Barney Rubble body double, Bubba Dudley cuddle buddy!
You f**ing loser!
This guy is like Allen Iverson, he couldve been the G.O.A.T. but he f**ed up most of his chances. And thats the difference between the Kobes and the Jordans and Magics
The ones that stayed in the game
And gave you more and more cla**ics
And the ones that eventually fell off
‘Cause they almost thought they were too good to show up to court for their practice
I know we appear like were closely matched
But our roads dont overlap
When I kept on moving forward and pa**ed
And you hit the fork in the road and went backwards
We both started off as the total package
And then you dipped to the lower bracket
Came back below the average of the normal standards
All it took was a little four-year absence
And you became a former has-been, like Toni Braxton
You put in all this work to record these albums
That most fans in battle rap dont download no tracks from
The other half dont notice you enough
To even know you have one
This must be what it feels like to be La Toya Jackson
Plus, I got another question I been wantin to ask him
Do you rap while youre doing home gymnastics?
Do you put your notepad down on your yoga mattress?
And you perform your dances like your multisyllabics
How you covert, youre graphic, so over-dramatic
Like an HBO crime scene show reenactment
Bro, youre a faggot!
Doctors done f**ed you up with a lot of medication, bro
And you got no more sk**
Cant get back to his normal self
‘Cause he dont even know how normal feel
Quick, someone toss Jonah Hill another Soma pill
So he can focus still
‘Cause hes looking real shaky on film, like Cloverfield
But anyways, hows that studio going though?
You recording still? Bro, youre ill
Still working toward that recording deal?
Youll make it… I know you will
‘Cause what you gon do? Survive off your Fight Klub days?
Nobody even remembers those older rounds
The only thing we remember from Fight Club is
Yo, hold it down! Hold it down!
Thats how annoying your f**ing host would sound
Or who else remembers his battles from the Hall of Fame?
When you went off the top with a dude with his top off
Who remembers Iron Solomon versus Flamez?
Yeah, he got the W, right?
But him in that battle and the Holocaust were the same
‘Cause it wasnt no surprise to see a Jewish guy body in flames
Burn and you get burned in the game
Burn and Ill burn you with flames
sh**, even Bernie Sanders has the word burn in his name
Now youre in a dead zone where no one enters
Pop pop goes the Heckler
Go against me, your physical form dismembered
You wont be able to use your legs or arms again, like Denzel Washington when he starred in the Bone Collector
Your father built you an in house studio
To record your records and get your stuff done
But its f**ed up ‘cause you cant have black people come over ‘cause Son, we dont trust them.
Its all awkward ‘cause every time
He has black folks recording over
And he comes into the room and confronts them, like
Haah, soo, Young Gunz… where do you know my son from?
All that matters when they view this back is who could rap
So where are all my goons from Falucka at?
In the streets letting bazookas and Rugers clap
UZIs, MACs with the new attachments
I got Halo from the future gats
Huger straps than the ones Duke Nukem has
Boom boom, shoot your a**, Hadouken flash
Boom boom; chalaka-boo your a**! I dont give a f**!
Boom boom; North Korea nuclear blast
Ill reduce you to ash with a nuke, and nuke and ash
Whats that?, dude, thats Nash! You stupid a**!
Yo, my resume is like a f**ing cemetery
Full of piles of human stacked, ‘cause I done caught more overseas bodies than the Cuban raft
If white boy got a 9, then he can get schooled with that
Get it? ‘Cause were from two different schools
He a junior high school student, Im a fully developed uni-grad
Im too advanced for you to grasp
You Columbine poppin 9s
Im a Virginia Tech going off on students campus
Which means me and you are not in the same shooting cla**
Plus my newest strap got a built in Mac computer that
Keeps all of your vehicle movements tracked, like an Uber app
Can open up your location on Google Maps
See you in the window and zoom in fast
Shoot your a** through the gla**
Spill your... ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​[*Diz f**s up here*]
Im f**ing up I meant Spill your medulla on the Isuzu dash
Then the people that are moving past will scream
Help! Someone just k**ed the fat kid from Superbad!
And I dont give a f** who you have
Bring your goons for backup
Then its AngryFan movements; Im only using caps
Ill put you and all your fruity a** dogs together in the same bag, like a pack of Scooby Snacks
And if you come back from the dead...
Ima put a giant round in the back of your head
Like one of your stupid looking Jewish hats
Ill body everything in the room moving, like Im Supernat
Leave me alone before I blow a fuse and snap
Like a fuselage with a fuse attached
Youll get your f**ing right socket removed and snatched
Get your eyeball turned into a wounded gash
And the next interview that you do with Vlad
Youll be on the couch telling stories with one of your pupils patched; Slick Rick The Rulers back!
When I say Turn up!, I mean turn up to the max…
I mean turn him to a vegetable
You seen that movie Expendables? Well, Ill put you in a cast just as huge as that. p**y! And you have pink eye!

[Round 2: Iron Solomon]
[*​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Iron Solomon clapping*]​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Good for you, Diz!
You got Pat Stays formula down, and your formula down
I mean, you packed 60 seconds
With enough bars for a four-minute round
And you make it work
Its this crazy blur of rhyming schemes and hateful words
That you vomit out your mouth
Like youre trying to feed a baby bird
At some point you got a diss line from me or maybe Eurgh
A crowd reaction distracts him
He shouts FAGGOT! and a bunch of racial slurs
Just hoeing and yapping when hes supposed to be rapping
Acting like you got ovaries, and overreacting
So we can just guess whats next
From slug fest to gun threats. This chump went from throwing temper tantrums to throwing up sets
Choked out Billy, now he feel hes a roughneck
Been on 52 cards, got more attention from one deck
Looking like a junky that dont have any d** left
You either need to catch up on rest or have a blood test
‘Cause the effects of crack and coke
Are what Dizaster dont consider
You got deeper into some yay sh** than Amber Roses fingers
So if you see this addict twitching

Like he cant control his temper
Its been half a minute since he had a chance to post on twitter
Im just trying to diagnose all of this clowns symptoms
Charrons autistic
But youve got I Want To Be Down-syndrome
The type of lost nerd who wants to be hip hop so bad just to fit in he got the Microsoft Word graffiti font tattooed on his skin
And whats under that mountain of ink
You need to talk about to a shrink
But theres a lot smarter people in this crowd than you think
We hear the contradictory sh**
Out of your mouth when you speak
How you call Pat Stay a racist
Then call Dumbfoundead a chink
Told Hoffa, Stop eating fried chicken!, hardy har
Thats as funny as the n-word with a hard -ER
So go on and recite all the bars if you like
About the Holocaust one night
Call me a kike and a bunch of sh** Im sure Caustic would like
(Thanks for the h**n, dawg!)
Its a strong strategy, Diz, say it with audacity!
Get loud! Talk rapidly! The crowd will all laugh at me
But if that exposes the bigots, Ill take the fall happily
You think racism is hip hop? Youre buying the wrong rap CDs
Under our skin we the same color
Dont believe it then fight me!
Do it! Youll see youre just like me
When you get beat to the white meat
Maybe Iron Sol versus Iron Sheik is what all of you wanted
Muhammad Ali versus Ali Muhammad
Well, that worked pretty well
Ima make me some racist remarks now. Your peoples eat pita, you were raised to be making these soft rounds
We ate matzah when we fled from Egypt, we went missin
Where the heat of the desert
Where the stones were our best kitchen
And our foods hard texture is stemmed from that existence
What Im saying is, going back generations we bred different
Our religious text gave us ambition your clans missin
2000 years before m**ms our Bible was handwritten
Yall changed Abraham to Ibrahim
And ran with that transcription
The Torah is the O.G., the Quran is just fan fiction
Boy, you done picked a bad Jew to attack
You know how many MCs I ran through for a rack?
Your integritys out of wack
Look around the room, faces from everywhere on the map
Our bond is rap, you should honor that
But every card he act like hes as serious as a heart attack
But gotta lean on shock value to bring a body back
This preacher testified just to keep you mesmerized
You cant see through his disguise
You need to reconnect your eyes
I mean Jesus effing Christ, every freaking single rhyme
Like a Lebaneser mime in Lethal Weapon 5
And in your egotistic mind you believe in every lie, so we may never get to see this style you beat to d**h just die
Exposing Ds deception gets him peeved in every line
Im making this p**y tight; this a kegel exercise
See, people recognize this Dizaster character is not you
You had a Halloween party where rappers battled in costume
You made them stay in fake persona
Instead of going off real life, so you wont have to be the only one who knows what that feels like
See, hell strike when he steps out of his lane and gets bold
But you aint really from the gutter, youre just playin a role
So please, spare us, spare us
You aint cooking coke, you aint never seen the hood befo
You sweeter than a Tootsie Roll
Wrapped up in some cookie dough
Shoved inside a p**y hole of a virgin playing footsie toe
Your Gjonaj battle is the only time you pushed an O
And when you f**ed up that jelly fish line
What Dizaster revealed up here, is what you mean to yell in your rhymes isnt actually real – its clear
See, Im a man of war when Im on a sting
Your d**hs been sealed
My lines lean up to a body, I tend to k**
I flew here to get the mileage, you flew here to get demolished
What they paid you pays your rent
Bout to put my kid through college
If you take away the hype, all the hate and spite. Just to lose to Mook they gave me twice what you got paid tonight
Yo, my status may have fell
But when our checks coming through
Youll see that even when I take an L, I get double you
Yeah, I went over with Lyt, but tonight Ill respect time; I said Id k** you with three minutes, and we right at the deadline

[Round 3: Dizaster]
Yo! Now this guy… really has pink eye [*Iron Solomon tries to get into Dizasters face exposing his pink eye*]
Back off! ‘Cause I dont want to be in front you
You fricking disgrace!
Youve already had it happen to you once
Dont make me rub some more sh** in your face!
Here comes the guy whose career died a long time ago
In the year 3 King Of The Dot BC, 500 Grind Times ago
Comes a guy from the biased coast
Whos about to get all of his stripes revoked, like Spider Locs
See, you said in one of the lines you wrote
That the doctors prescribed you the same d** as Michael
Okay, that means you use all kinds of dope
Just so your mind can cope
So know, if you had the chance to be the straw that broke the camels back you would use it to sniff a line of coke
Ever since Mook your career been on a declining slope
Its like Gary Colemans last episode alive
Thats a double meaning line: If you take the name of his show title and the way he died and combine them both
Then youd finally know why this is his final stroke
Your f**ing music career is one big giant Heimlich choke
You shouldve known with an album like Monster you would wind up broke. Its all in your bio
Didnt see a single sell from it or multiply in growth
Since your career was under the spotlight of the microscope
What, do I gotta break it down in science course or somethin?
Iron divides into four different types of isotopes
Which could explain why you spent half of your life on the shelf trying to blow, but Iron wont
See, a lot of elements become radioactive
After their half life, but Iron dont
Which is why hes a normal Iran, I suppose
‘Cause all the deals they had for him on the table folded
And they never got Iron closed
Yeah, thats why youre hanging from a thread on life support
You f**ing got beat down in front of Mook
Until you couldnt fight no more
Which makes you the worst type of whore: the one that gets f**ed once and quits ‘cause her vaginas sore
You should f**ing k** yourself
Plus you violated as far as the guy code goes
I provided you guided roads wherever your drive go
I gave you the Geico quotes
The greatest of all time; the Michael Jordan of this entire sport
A satanic shrine logo; I am the G.O.A.T
The Messiah, the eye of Horus
The Ayatollah to your Diaspora, I am your righteous Lord
I am your most high like a white boys Fico score
I am like Michael Kors ‘cause I can catch a big bag
And still have a lot of time in store
Get it? A big bag and still have a lot of time in store? Yeeeeah!
Ill hit you with a thousand lines, like a Miley Cyrus tour
This is what Michael Moore would look like in his final form
I know you gon reference the five days in Egypt
But trust me, this aint that kind of war
This is more like fighting Thor inside of a lightning storm
I go psycho; Michael Myers with a knife inside of psych ward cycle flow Niacin, goodnight you, bro
Ill put you to sleep in your own language; Ill Laila Tov you
Yeah, this diet Rone is gonna die alone
All it takes is one solid bar
Hes a washed up body, punchlines are like Dial soap
Dynamo, you trying to fight a robot cyborg from Biocorps
Theyll find you inside your home beside your phone
With your vital signs synchronized with the dial tone, BLEEEEP
Who gives a f** if NY is a no-flying zone?
I got Palestine inside my bones
Ill hit you with a rock in your face from a couple kilometers away; thats what I call reaching a milestone
You will die from my pen stroke, like d**h Note
If its written form we battle
Freestyle, Ill son you off the top, like solar panels
And I got more examples
No matter how many menorah lamps you have
Youll never hold a candle
To the levels of pressure I was born to handle
You know why? ‘Cause you dont have no souls or backbones
Bro, you dont even know your past, bro
Real Jews were Hebrews
Black men who used to grow their afros
You guys are just a bunch of random, phony, Polish a**holes
Who forged your pa**ports, and dont have a land of your own so you come over and then jack yours
But what is it all for? Is it drilling off shore?
Is it the land, or do you want more?
See, Arabs were peaceful, bro, you can come into my house
Id invite you in, take your keys to my car, the garage door
I just want you to feel comfortable at home
Since youre used to occupying households that are not yours
I wasnt even supposed to be here today
Organik was trying to get him and Hollow Da Don popping off
They had an investor from his side ready to put up all the guap
Made all the excuses at the end why it ended up falling off
But the real reason we did not see it
Because Solomons people couldnt afford what Hollow cost
I aint anti-Semitic, knock it off!
Before I go durka durka, allahu Akbar on him
And start letting rockets off
Dropping bombs and launching tomahawks
I got a lot of fire bottled up, like a walking Molotov
Im a blacksmith; Ill put an Iron bar on the chopping block
I dont give a f** if its shalom shabbat or shabbat shalom
Ill punch you in the face
And leave your gla**es broken on the floor; mazel tov!
You battled Mook on Smack and we watched you fall
You let a mark a** brother outshine you
Take your spot; you Pau Gasol
And thats when you got on some bullsh**
And you dropped the ball
Now everyone knows you that one cat
With a giant p**y in his lap, like Marley Marl
Its the army of God
Think the ending of every Inspector Gadget, ‘cause all you saw was me putting a metal arm to this cats head, like Dr. Claw!
I know a little bit of Krav Maga, f**in put your—
Twist your father into an arm bar
And knock his f**ing yamaka off, f** it
If me and Solomon brawl Im knocking out anybody involved Boop Boppity Baow, stand over your head, like Alex star
Im off the hook with these hands, people calling me Kabal
I move at light speeds like Vegeta
Break my right knee off in your jaw
f** a gun bar! Im creative, I dont need one at all
Ill swing a f**ing Pirates Of The Caribbean claw
Cut you in half, looking like a seesaw
Send the blade flying clean through the wall
Watch it come out of the side of the street
And k** five people that werent even involved
Im like an evil Peter Parker that delivers people karma
With a side order of beef kebab for starters
f**ing with me is retarded
Like asking Sweeney Todd to be your barber
Im an evil Tamil-tiger guerrilla fighter from Sri Lanka
Followed you to your job and Im camped outside of your job
And I cant wait for you to leave the office, like Stephen Harper
Yeah, you think you can relate to Canadians more than me?
Hahaha! Bro, you are more p**y than a Weeknd concert
Even the concept of you beating me here in Toronto
Couldnt be more farther than the thought of
Stevie Wonder being able to see his daughter
Ill f**ing let the Glock sleep him
Put him in an arm bar til he stops breathin
Like Eric Gardner when the cops beat him
Pay attention, thats a double bar meaning
I mean, either way you gon die from arm squeezing
And yeah, they hated us
They hated us ever since the World Trade got hit
And they blamed us with all this bullsh**
But what the media dont say is this
How many of your people didnt show up to work that day ‘cause they claimed they were sick?
Or the Zionist banker who took out that insurance claim and then split? Explain to me this
How a national tragic event could make your people rich
Or how a bunch of cavemen in Afghanistan
Could penetrate the worlds most sophisticated defense?!
And have these monolithic beams
That are encased in cement, all cut at the precise angle you need a buildings foundation to slip?
Its ‘cause you motherf**ers orchestrated the sh**
And used the media as a tool to blame us swit, wit
To blame us swit wit? Or blame us with?
But it dont matter because you blamed the desert
For taking those plane flights
But its clear as daylight that you staged that sh**
And you only have one ball… I mean, its all good, bro
Dont be mad ‘cause the doctor slashed your wontons
And you cant get a hard-on
You can still be the champ of any track you hop on
Even with half of your balls gone
You could ask Lance Armstrong
You could still be successful, it doesnt change at all
Look, look, man, you can ask Tom Brady, dawg
You can still make it in the game with a deflated ball
I know, I know… I bet that little ball of his at night gets lonely
Sitting in bed, he felt a trickle down his leg slowly
Thought he pissed on himself, but turned out to be his right nut pouring out liquor for his dead homie
He has one f**ing ball, he cant f** with me
This is the path toward the end, so listen and pay attention
‘Cause all your people ever did was scrutinize us
My people are true survivors
And you used the media as a way to oppress us
And generation after generation you try to euthanize us
Then we turn into revolution fighters
But what would you do if you was in a street seeing them k** women and execute their minors?
Shooting a child in his back? How could you justify seeing a two year old with a tank on his back, like a scuba diver?
Tfoo ealaykun, tfoo! Who grew al-Qaeda?
You grew al-Qaeda! You guys are fueling ISIS!
This aint no war on terrorism, this is a Zionist Jewish crisis
A bunch of f**ing greedy bankers
Who have no value for what human life is
If you ever! If you ever see an arab group of snipers
Just know thats from weapons that you provide us
So we can k** each other
And you can use it as an excuse to crucify us
But not now, not now…Ima flip out
Bro, who defied us? Who divide us?
What am I doing? Im losing my mind, b**h
Give me the sh**, Im gonna fushalise this. I dont give a f** what Im gonna do, ‘cause this dudes the nicest
[*Put on a Hitler mustache and starting rapping German*]
Barbra Streisand..... lighter inside of a furnace....... Seth Rogan.... Adam Sandler... Shia Labeouf......
Lek, Min Antoum, shaifeen halkoum
Liann alamrikiuwn yudafieun ankoum
Im a Spit in Lebanese, Yeah!
Shaifeen halkoum
Liann alamrikiuwn yudafieun ankoum
Bes, bes alfilastiniiyn bit dalkoun taeadal ealayhum
Liann ma fi meen alrrddoum
Bes hizb allh bit dalkoum beyda eanhoum
Liann kl mat qaribou
Hizb allh bi baleshou i nikou umkoum
Airi Fik kiss Umak akh sharmoota bi airi
? li khalaq rabbak, kiss umak bi airi

[Round 3: Iron Soloman]
So yall wanna know the REAL reason that we had problems in Grind Time? It was-it was… ah… sh**... me too
Mightve been all in this guys mind
I mean, when I picture what was at stake and follow the timeline, D was only beefing because I was in my prime
‘Cause we had never met before
They had rappers on every floor
And you paid Kap Kallous to book my room next to yours
Since you dont know the difference between
Real life and a message board
You trolled the hallway all day, postin up on my bedroom door
The whole weekend you followed me, no drama or static
Then hopped on camera in your battle
And you called me a faggot
And Ill never forget this, with Pumpkinhead as my witness
You ran right out of the ring and begged for forgiveness
It was awkward and kind of just weird
Offered to buy me a beer, talking right in my ear
Apologizing for years about a line that Bashir took time to prepare that I didnt hear
‘Cause I wasnt watching your battle, because I didnt care!
See, between love and hate, theres a thin line
But for Diz, no disconnect. So everybody that Diz respects becomes someone he disrespects
From the indirects to the blatant hate
In your Twitter rants you discuss me
But youre on my dick the second were face to face
Trying to give me dap – you disgust me
With your rants and your ten page speeches
Talking junk about Smack more than an N.A. meeting
If you and URLs relationships something you cant repair
You know what a real gangster would do?!
Just not battle there
Whats wrong with King Of The Dot? Know what Im saying?
You hate the East Coast ‘cause we never gave you support
We gave you hip hop culture, Diz, we gave you this sport
The way that you walk
Your dress code, the slang that you talk
You from the Fresh Coast?
Son, the word fresh came from New York
You pull your iPhone out at all of your battles
An awesome example
Of how all of the raps that you spit you got from the Apple
Yall know that his note section is just a pad full of writtens
So what, its cool to do that now ‘cause Canibus did it?
You such a hip hop purist
Hows that such a crutch you still rely on?
Weve seen Diz sell out in battles more than Melathion
You call street rappers phony, but your gun bars be dialed out
Its like you cant get a line out without a 9 now
The principles even talking, we dont ever see him walking
Its all theory, you dont really stand for sh**
You Stephen Hawking
Its so feeble, Flint Michigan tap water; your flows lethal
But only because the poison you fed em
You misled your own people
Youre not a terrorist, youre a tourist, a gimmick
Pointing your fingers at our flaws like a critic
To hide your fraudulent image
The real perpetrators you, but you dont want to admit it
Youre like the coward that k**ed Cyrus
And said The Warriors did it! Oh. You. f**ing. Hypocrite!
You whore for attention; you exhibitionist
You preach, but you dont practice
Give a speech and contradict the sh**
You overdose with coke in the nose, emotional roller coaster
You opportunist, you Brutus, Judas, you culture vulture!
I hate you, but its my fault, because I stepped out of this ring and turned my queen to my ex wifey
And I prayed her new suitor would be a king whos just like me
I walked away from this woman who was the love of my life
And I cant stand that her new man just aint f**ing her right
See, when you was still trying to see through the bottom tier
And the future of battle rap was not as clear, I was here
Been a pioneer the entirety of my career
I made this backpack sh** take off; Im the Rocketeer
I spelled out this path to give yall some direction
Put myself on the map, so you could follow the legend
What I deserve I achieve with just a verse and a beat
I didnt work for a fee, and what I earned wasnt free
Went on a murdering spree, hit every curb in the street
When it was 30 degrees I was still burning MCs
In terms of this league
My words and my schemes are the birds and the bees
The s**m and the seeds, what emerged was this league
So youre the MC you are
Because you are birthed from my breed
I didnt quit and come back, I took maternity leave
I fathered your whole existence, Diz, you learned this from me
You played the role of an heir youre unworthy to be
Youre not Solomon reborn
Youve been keeping my seat warm
A disfigured version of me; thats how D formed
And the Commodore and the Eli might seem like a lovely option, til you realize, in real life
What it feels like without Nucky Thompson
Let Diz, Pat and Mac scrap for seconds and thirds. Who gives a f** about runners up now that the best has returned?

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 03:06