Over the Garden Wall - Potatoes and Mola**es

Song Rating: 7.57/10

Song lyrics:

Oh potatoes and mola**es
If you want some, oh just ask us
Theyre warm and soft like puppies and socks
Filled with cream and candy rocks

Oh potatoes and mola**es
Theyre so much sweeter than algebra cla**
If your stomach is grumblin
And your mouth starts mumblin
Theres only one thing to keep your brain from crumblin

Oh potatoes and mola**es
If you cant see em put on your gla**es
Theyre shiny and large like a fishermans barge
You know youve eaten enough when you start seein stars

Oh potatoes and mola**es
Its the only thing left on your task list
Theyre short and stout
Theyll make everyone shout
For potatoes and mola**es
For potatoes an-THATS ENOUGH

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 10:12