Pouya - Breathe

Song Rating: 9.68/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Pouya]
Yo yo yo b**h
What they do
f** wit me
Pouya and [email protected] Kid
I know youve been waiting forever
I know youve been waiting 145 years for this sh**
f** with me, b**h #NEVAGAVEAFUCK

[Verse 1: Pouya)
Its Pouya ho
And I pull ya ho
Dont test me ho
Cause I be schoolin hoes
Who you foolin, ho?
You droolin with the thirstyness
So its time to dip
Poison this p**y dont touch it like baseball you bound to catch something so grab yourself a glove
I beast in the field, the f** how they feel
Im grabbing the real
Too many hoes in the open
Tryna get wet like the ocean
Causing commotion when the booty in motion
Layin it down in front of da crowd
Tank top, no bra, titties out
Ratchet, grab me the finest the south
Dont come around my way, better take another route
I aint playin witcha now
Got the one and only style that competed with me now
Cause they jealous Im posted, Im chillin, just watching Goodfellas
I aint worried bout a thang
f** swag, my shirt got a stain and I still get hoes
What you know about that?
The type of the pack that never go slack
Its simple as that, so whatcha know about dat

[Hook: Bones]
Let it breathe, Let it breathe
Let it breathe, Let it breathe
Let it breathe, Let it breathe
Let it breathe, Let it breathe

[Verse 2: Bones]
Stone cold Im stuntin
Top rope Im jumpin
I gotta lotta d**
Im with a lotta thugs
So I promise that you dont want it
Im in the backseat of that Hummer
Im ridin round with my brothers
Got chopper city up in the deck
Flickin ash like its nothin
Its 1 million hoes every time I flip my phone
Rollin 1 million bones just to get me back up in my zone
Okay Im zonin
Im flowin
She lookin like she wanna know me
Young Val Venis my towel long
But she wanna take that sh** off me
I get a lotta head like Al Snow
Benoit when I k** it
Im comin down like its 99
And Owen Hart til upon the ceilin
1 2
3 4
Bones come to yo damn door
5 6
7 8
White punk wit dat switchblade
Razor up in my socks
Please dont give me the reason
I be livin my life like one day at a time
So please just f**in believe it
I be doin this sh** like everyday
Dropped out when i was 16
Packed my bags
Then I caught a plane
And now Im layin beats six feet deep

[Hook: Bones]
Let it breathe, let it breathe
Let it breathe, Let it breathe
Let it breathe, Let it breathe

Team SESH, Bones, Pouya, Yuh

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