Roc Marciano - Sweet Nothings

Song Rating: 7.90/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Whip the clit til the weapon click
Chef up a brick and hit the strip with the best sh**
8 hour shifts, out of town power trips
Politics, n***as throwin hollow tips
Im from the bottom b**h
Keep a shotty like a bottom b**h
Im all about a dollar might find me out with my collar flipped
Kiss the money like a sweet lover
Tan seats in the Beamer, peanut butter
The teams gutter, my skin got the green color
Queen between the covers, weed and Henny, never tea and crumpets
In the ear of a slut I whisper sweet nothings
Sip White Russians, control b**hes like puppets
Mink scarf, Jamaican Kangol
Do the tango on the yayo like Puff and J. Lo(Take that,take that)
Range Rov not the Laredo
Im back b**h long 38 with the potato
Play it low, tiptoe with the bro like Apocalypto
But all that poppin at the lip dont make your dick grow
Keep it humble, flip the dope by the bundle
Blow the smoke outta the sunroof, its real
Gators tailored, get off my dick
Dog said to the tick, but I aint even trip
n******gs bet they aint even leave a tip but its a diff
So I never once felt to need to mention it
I dont even mention it my n***a

Its nothing, sweet nothings

Its nothing, sweet nothings
Its nothing, sweet nothings
Ham stad, Its nothing, sweet nothings
Hundred block

[Verse 2]
I earned my status at the base
Bagging base its just a matter of taste
My roots in the ghetto was chained I escaped
Got a couple wounds howled at the moon
Pulled the 211 hopped up in the seven
n***as got it twisted this is chess just not checkers
Visions of wealth through the eyes of prophets
All my hoes stay in pocket, redbone to chocolate
Drop the money on the counter tops
Im thinking out the box
I sound like the Kawasakis
With the fox 10 power squats
Pull the dreadlocks
You pull the sour out the medicine crop
Connect the dots, but leopards have spots
I rest with the Heckler and Kochs stirred the pots
Purple tops cops circle the blocks
Black weapons but not the ones Bird rock
Still with the jux money off the books purrp shots
Murder plots word to my pops n***a

[Hook 2]
Its nothing, sweet nothings
Its nothing, sweet nothings
Its nothing, sweet nothings

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 10:28