Rucka Rucka Ali - If I Was Mongolian

Song Rating: 7.27/10

Song lyrics:

Stupid Mongolians, breaking my wall!
Stupid Mongolians, breaking my balls!
Eating my wonton, chicken egg roll
Go tell Mongolian, I say, Hello!
Hello? Hello, how are you?
I dry clean clothes, since year Oh-Two
Year of Cock, Year of Poo
It was nice year, in Hong Kong too-ha!

I am Chinese, build a city wall
Mongo, hey f** you!

If I was Mongolian, I would break down the wall
I be stupid Mongol, my eyes are always closed
And I could read your fortune, cookie says it all
Stupid dumb Mongolians, you never win the war, you never win the war

Chicken fry rice stir, chicken fry dog
I could fry tiger, I could fry frog
I could wear diaper, poop on the floor
Mongolese sniper, shoot at my store

Ow! Ow! Why you shoot me?
I was star, in a Bruce Lee movie
My Chinese food, come with roofy
Go to bed girl, show me your booby!

Ill have soup please, in big sh**ty wok
Egg roll, with mushroom

With a little onion, sweet and sour pork
Or you could put some broccoli, cause I dont give a f**
And I dont need a chopstick, cause I could use a fork
But if I was Mongolian, I rather eat a dog, I like to eat a dog

I builded a fence, around the Chineses
To protect them from some dumb Mongolians
The wall was knock down, by Mongolesians
I just want some beef chicken fry rice

If I was Mongolian, I break down all the wall
My people die of hunger, could we please have egg roll
And I dont see my parents, they left me by the road
If you see my Uncle, say him my hello, say him my hello

Oh, hello, remember me? I build this big wall
Around the City of China!
Oh no! You dont, dont break my wall!
Damnit! You stupid Mongolians, breaking my wall!
You go back to Somalia
No extra soy sauce for you!

Chicken fried rice…

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 23:44