Sandman - Dey Know Yayo

Song Rating: 7.50/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Pusha Ton or you can call me Ziploc
Yellow with the blue made green when the coke drop
Fifteen years old, cooking raw rock
Momma getting mad cause I was f**ing up her gold pots
Drug dealer, been that n***a half my life
Mongoose bicycle, I was stuffing junkie pipes
Graduated, now I get it for the asking price
He no speak-e ingles if your f**ing cash is right
Dey know yayo, Pedro
Louis, Lili, mi a-migos, oh!
You n***as talking but you aint never seen them
Imagine being first named basis with the kingpins
Youre middle-manning, Im touching the hands of the growers
From Texas to Tijuana motherf**as know us
Dryer sheets line the trunks to disguise the odor
Your price is low but I bet my numbers shorty lower

[Verse 2: Ab-Liva]
Liva n***a, heat a man
Nicknamed the teething man
Like Ishmael with fish scale
Got it off that Peter Pan
Rob Peter, pay Paul, plates off, trace love
Os I pitch like a friendly game of baseball
Trade off cars with them tops off, blaze off
Grown man paper playa, never turn that chase off
Young n***a sold dope, sold soap, sold hope
Bottled in a capsule n***a, got it from my old folk
Ten Crack Commandments see, listen to the old GOAT
Louis this, Gucci that, labels hold them logos
Learn from the old pros, prison is no go
New [?], low pro, choppin up at Soho
BBC play clothes, jeans on, things old
Five, pay at one time, retro with the lace hold
Twenty-fours sittin high, chrome is what them brakes hold
Re-Up Gang run it, it aint over til we say so

[Hook: Malice]
Dey know yayo (6x)
Re-Up Gang, you know we whip, whip, whippin

[Verse 3: Sandman]
Just what you thought he would say
f** a shark, theres a k**er whale in the water
Disturbing the sh** out of order
If you swim then you slaughtered
And I say ooo, I see food, fools in this pool of mine
Im dropping this hot sh** too quickly, let me slow up, who am I?
Fat Daddy Dough Stacks, Phillys mayor
A big thank you to all my haters
For fueling the fire, my burning desire
It fires, what keeps my wheels keep spinning
Im ripping through tire spares
Got to keep that, sh** is real bruh
Where Im from is the home of cop k**ers
Two-one-five, six-one-O
Two-six-seven, one-thousand, four hundred and ninety-two
You eight bucks short
Fifteen, that gets him three, I let you owe me nina
You burn me for that bread, I act like I never seen ya
Cant speak for my n***as, they felonize misdemeanors
Forever how to die when they see ya, its real

[Verse 4: Malice]
Now look how I got it, some cars and a crib
I done signed on that dotted, Re-Up is a partnership
The four of us and we coming, the apocalypse
Hands down, we the best, Im a narcissist
Me and my b**h, we out and ball Harbor
She spending my money, Im hot and Im bothered
I hop in the targa, peel out, ocean drive
Nice breeze at the tide, sippin on Coladas
Dope boy fly sh** of which I am a pride of
Where we all get chips and invade Estradas
Party on South Beach, [?] and Madonnas
We aint worried bout nothing, Hakuna Matata
Pay your lawyer well, rea**ure yourself
Like black gold, this re-up things an oil well
Trick on yo b**h, Im sure she would enjoy Chanel
Or that R350, thats sure to overwhelm

[Hook: Malice]

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