S.Dot - Im Da Man Freestyle

Song Rating: 7.77/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
b**h Im the man, b**h, b**h Im the man
b**h, b**h Im the man call me Dotorachi
Moving slow cause Im stuck off act, might catch a homi
Drop some xanax in my sh** now I feel like a zombi
223s, tms down if he turned out his body[?]
He aint really with the sh**s, man that boy just playing though
n***as snitching, giving statements, got my brothers jammed up
Never tripping on no thot, we dont do no handcuffs
Big a** glizzy in my jeans make it hard to stand up
You dont work, you dont eat, aint no f**ing leeching
Im the man so Im taxing for a f**ing feature
Im the man and your main man is a f**ing leecher [?]
These n***as set and watched me starve while the got f**ing greedy
600 sh**, 50 clip, 100 clip, lil bro come out door [?]
Poke them, finesse them and strip them, make them come out with sh**
In the club, front your move like you off a pill
Shoot a n***a in his leg, drip from your walk for real
Still smell like gunpoweder, I just came off a drill

She know my name, I got the clout I f**ed her off the wheel
Lables gotta talk some Ms they wanna talk a deal
We hopping in and out them foringes, you n***as walking still
b**h Im the man, 50k in rubberbands
Lil bro up that leech n***as take off see them running man [?]
[?] my phone got location on and we on his a**
Trap spot booming hard, getting a hello, thank you and come again
b**h Im the man, I put that on my mans
n***as tell that b**h, sneak dissing, they dont understand
Talking about they want war, they gone k** me, why they aint done it then?
Im on the 6, we aint ducking sh**, we aint running man
Cant get pipes into the party, then we aint coming man
I bust out the jam, do some features, Im getting money man [?]
Im 485 FG, you know how we coming man
600 grand, 600 grand we cant get the pipes into the party, we aint coming man
b**h Im the man, 50k in rubberbands
Tell them man, Im the man

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 14:45