Shai Doee The Chemist - Not Lyin

Song Rating: 7.21/10

Song lyrics:

Shai Doee - Not Lyin

Rolling up hella weed (smoke)
You dont smell a f**in seed (nope)
Im smoking on this gas (dope)
You broke its funny I laugh (broke)
b**h stop calling my phone (ahh)
Leave me the f** alone (ahh)
Nobody is at home (damn)
Im all the way in my zone (damn)
And Im smoking on woods (Forrest)
Im debo in the hood (Gump)
Im so misunderstood (f** trump)
But Im smoking that good good (skunk)
Gang both Im almighty (hoe)
So you dont like me (hoe)
BITCH naw you cant fight me (ooo)
U just like me cuz Im dyking (ooo)
Woah Im foolin on the beat (aaah)
I mean Im booling on the beat (aah)
You aint seen a hunnit thow (wow)
Banger on me right now (bow)
Im ya new favorite rapper (gang)
BITCH Im famous Im a trapper (Bang)
Sour d in a swisher (woo)
f** lean f** liquor (woo)
I just pop Zans and I geek (geekin)
I Cant feel my f**ing feet (all weekend)
I smoke a pound in a day (b**h)
Im a dyke BITCH Im gay (b**h)
Money stacked like hay (stacks)
No recess ion play (packs)
f** yo hitta imma hitta (I am)
Imma real go getter (damm)
I aint never gave a sh** (woah)
Constipated like a b**h (woah)
I aint never gave a f** (ruff)
You b**hes weak as f** (not tuff)
b**h you know you a thot (hoe)
Lil p**y been popped (hot)

Shai Doee shai Guap (stacks)
b**h I stay with 2 GLOCKS (gats)
Gold all on my teeth (gold)
Aint sh** in life free (hell no)
I need money you want beef (gang)
1k you dead meat (cant hang)
Ion talk BITCH Im bout it (iam)
Whole whips f**ing clouded (damn)
I used to be broke as f** (brokeboy)
You cant call me on my bluff (god)
Now Im turn the f** up (turnt)
I spent yo buffs on a blunt (event)
Im different you dont get me (naw)
You n***as aint f**ing with me (raw)

(Verse 2)
Summer 17s mine (bib)
All I do is f**ing grind (bib)
All you n***as do is sleep (snoring)
Bro this sh** really deep (boring)
One thow for the sneaks (bow)
Yall throwing shade and I peep (wow)
Yo BITCH stay choosin (ooo)
Stop with all the confusion (ooo)
That hoe on my block list (ah)
n***as wont pop sh** (ah)
Pillow talking to hoes (lames)
Breaking the code (games)
I make her do what I say (lil hoe)
She do it she know ion play (shai doe)
I cant lie I love my city (586)
Bad b**h but she witty (on dick)
Puff daddy like Im diddy (puff)
You a nat nat BITCH quit it (yup)
You cant get a f**ing dime (nope)
Im dedicated to shine (I am)
I want it imma get it all (I do)
Knock yo f**ing fitted off (boom)
You dont wanna piss me off (dont do it)
Im mental Ill get you off (owwwweee)

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